Building a nice work wardrobe?

  1. I just started my new job, and was wondeirng if I could get suggestions on some staples that I should have for work. I don't need to wear suits, but I have 3 suits, it is mostly business casual. Trying to clean out my closet for more grown-up clothes, instead of jeans all the time :smile:
    Thanks in advance!!
  2. I think the important thing with business casual is not to wear anything tight, revealing, or too casual.

    This also depends on where you are working - I'll assume that you'll see seasons.

    Since you already have three suits, here's a short list at least of what I consider the other basics:

    classic black pumps and brown (if you wear brown),
    classic short boots in black and brown for falll/winter,
    nice black and brown flats (I prefer pointy toed, I think it looks classier),
    simple black skirt - not too short and lined,
    white button down shirt,
    various shells/button down shirts for your suits - I prefer cashmere shells for work because cashmere looks richer and lasts longer than other blends, plus it keeps me warmer in the A/C,
    I like stripped shirts for my black suits because the colors pop and burgundy, orange, or dark red shirts for my brown suits,
    sweater sets if you like them,
    two nice work tote bags - black and brown or another neutral to wear with brown (I have a nude MJ demin tote that I use for this),
    a wristlet - for when you go out to lunch but don't want to drag your whole purse,
    and some cute jackets to look polished - these can go with your suit pants - I wear jackets in my job even though its business casual, but I think they suit me, so this is a matter of personal preference. Also, I think its important to consider fit, i.e. no bra straps showing through your work sweaters, shirts, etc. No panty lines.
  3. Some staples in addition to your suits .....
    white button-down blouses
    colored blouses in various styles
    turtle necks
    pencil skirts
    cardian sweater or sweater vest
    neutral colored blazer

    some accessory staples .........
    bangle bracelets
    work tote
    black pumps
    stylish timepiece
    one great ring
  4. Thank you so much for your advice!!! :smile: I think I"m going shopping today
  5. i agree with what both ladies said above...

    to me, here are the basic basics, until you get that paycheck!
    -pumps, not too pointy or too round. heel should not be too stiletto- nor too chunky
    -white shirt with princess seams, tapered so that it's fitted, not the boxy kind. a little stretch would also make it fit better. they're great for layering under sweaters, vests, suits, blazers or by itself
    -pencil skirt in dark navy and/or black. you can do no wrong in that. makes women look more elegant and lady-like

    last but not least, i'm not good with accessorizing, but i do know that if you splurge on anything, it should be your watch and bag. i cannot emphasize enough about it. those things will carry you through any stage in your career. worthwhile investment

    if you can swing some well made shoes, i'd do that too. other women always notice my shoes.

    other extraneous stuff...simple pearls, earring or one strand necklace are standbys for me. and another impression is if you have a nice manicure. details like these are always noticed.
  6. Great lists, ladies!
    Here's my take on a good business casual wardrobe:

    neutral slacks in a few basics (black, navy)
    crisp white shirts - long and short sleeved
    cute cardigan sweater - good for layering when offices are cold/AC on
    cashmere - lightweight sweaters, short or long sleeve, not too see through
    a really good belt or two that is basic and goes with anything
    pencil skirt and one in a fuller style

    low heeled pumps, closed toe
    boots (I LOVE ankle boots)

    coats (depending on your climate)
    basic trench
    pea coat
    longer topper coat (full length or 3/4 length)
    Leather jacket

    other stuff
    good watch - not too flashy
    good HOSIERY, such as pantyhose, knee hi's etc. No snags or runs!
    jewelry - a few things that show your personal style.

    I think it's great to go to outlets for your first few rounds of working clothes to get a feel for what you like and what works with your office culture/business travel, etc. That way you don't spend a lot. When you find something that works it's OK to splurge and get whatever it is in a few styles.

    What really makes a difference is the accessories. people will notice your shoes and bag/belts/jewelry so IMO it's OK to spend more on them because they add 'presence' and (at least for me, in my early 20s at the time) helped me look more mature and believable while still being true to my style...I wanted to look refined, but not 50 when I'm 25, LOL!
  7. Hm..for the pencil skirts, I have bigger hips and a butt, so would they look good on me? They always seem to look better on girls with tiny calves and smaller hips!
    :smile: I am motivated to go to the outlet mall and then head to the mall!! Thank you for you advice!
  8. I am a bit pear shaped and I tend to prefer skirts with a gentle A-line to flow away from my hips. This might be an option for you. I buy my dresses like this and I always get compliments.
  9. I'm pretty weird in wearing clothes to my office and I hardly wear suits ... only when it is really necessary. Also, we're quite liberal in our office so we wear open-toe sandals in summer.

    In any case, here are some suggestion:
    - A-line or other shaped skirts up to the knee
    - beige/natural color pumps
    - tailored look trench coat
    - twin sets
    - scarves as they spice up an outfit
    - accessories, especially necklaces and bracelets, make a statement
    - a very good handbag! If you can spare and save for a nice handbag, that definitely makes an outfit.
  10. essential wardrobe
    - white cotton blouse
    - black cashmere sweater
    - black pencil skirt
    - black pants
    - black and blueblack jeans
    - black pump shoes
    - black flats
    - black handbag (balenciaga or Prada)
    - some blouses
    - trench coat (black or beige)
    - statement ring (arty ring in turqouise)
    - hermes clic H so black or white
    - 6.5mm or 7mm pearl necklaces, 16 inch length and 42 inch length
    - scarves