Building a jewelry collection

  1. Until recently, I've never really thought about looking at my jewelry as a collection. But now that I'm at the height of middle age, and about to inherit a big mixed bag of random pieces, I'm really interested in putting together a collection of very good pieces that I will wear.

    As it is, I am pretty much only tied to the following items:
    • my engagement and wedding rings
      pair of "Diana" hoop earrings from Tiffany
      pair of mabe pearl earrings edged in gold
      30" pearl and onyx bead necklace (T&Co) that my husband gave me for my 30th birthday
      30" multi-strand necklace of natural pearls and tiny gold beads with an 18K gold clasp
    Things I think I'd like:
    • Cartier tank watch
      diamond circle pin
      H. Stern rainbow bracelet
      Seaman Schepps shell earrings
      Jean Schlumberger white enamel bracelet (T&Co)
      good pearls (I'll be getting my mother's)
    I'm trying to think what else would be good to have, so I can start looking for it. I tend to wear earrings more than anything else, and feel my fingers are a little too stubby to enjoy rings. Bracelets are ok, but not for every day because they'd just get in the way. I'm not sure how I feel about necklaces.

    Anyway, please suggest other things that would be wonderful to have and to wear. I'm interested in timeless things that I'll want to wear for the rest of my life. Thanks!
  2. Diamond studs or perhaps some diamond earrings that are not dangly so that you could wear them everyday. Tiffanys has some beautiful ones. Pearl stud earrings, if you don't already have them, to go along with your mother's pearls.
  3. I look for original pieces with some element of hand-crafting -- antique or more modern. I'm not a huge fan of mass-produced jewelry and while I think everyone can use diamond studs and a string of pearls, I do shy away from most of the department store and chain store stuff in favor of artisan or antique jewelry. It makes my collection mine and more reflective of my personal tastes.
  4. H. Stern rainbow bracelet

    :love: Beyond beautiful.
  5. Can someone post a picture of this or point me to a site that has one? I am not familiar with this piece.:heart:
  6. I agree with a pair of the biggest and best diamond studs you can afford.

    I would also buy another pair of hoops in a different metal colour because they always look classy and elegant and can be worn until you are 90!

    Perhaps also a pair of dangly diamond or other precious stone earrings for evening/formal occasions.
  7. diamond in/out hoops no question
  8. Single strand of pearls. They're basic and they'll go with anything. (I know you have a multi-strand one, but the single one is for those times when the multi one would be a tad much. If you don't want to spend a lot, go with freshwater pearls.)
  9. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

    diamond and saphire handbag charm necklace
    diamond stud earings
    Chopard floating diamond ring
    diamond solitare necklace
    diamond cross
    Hermes enamel bracelet
    David Yurman chain bracelet

    What is on my "wish list" ....
    David Yurman diamond hoop earings
    Cartier tank watch
    emerald ring
  10. Definitely:
    Tank Watch
    Diamond pendant
    Diamond tennis bracelet
    Diamond stud earrings
  11. OMG...coco-nut I'd love a Schlumberger white enamel bracelet too!!
    I had one brought in to Tiffanys in Troy last week to look at...I've looked at them for months and really want one!!
    My SA in Troy ,Indira, left to work at Wash DC Tiffany's and is going to let me know what she has at that store too!! I think we have the same taste!!
  12. Lots of gals automatically reply "Diamond Stud Earrings," but think twice about that. I bought a lovely pair of Tiffany diamond studs about five years ago, but I found I rarely wore them. Seems I'm not much of stud earring girl--I prefer hoops, drops, dangles, dainty chandeliers. I've got a pair of David Yurman "crossover" diamond hoop earrings, for instance, that I wear all the time. So I ended up selling the diamond studs; no regrets. My point is: Keep in mind your own personal style; don't just go by somebody else's checklist. :P
  13. I agree with Cosmopolitan- I'm more of a small hoop, drop, leverback girl myself. I purchased a beautiful pair of diamond studs three years ago but hardly ever wear them.:sad: I'm been debating whether or not to sell them but can't bring myself to make a final decision yet. I beleive classic jewellery is all in the eye of the beholder.
  14. Cartier Trinity rolling band with diamonds. So chic, and much more tasteful than a huge rock that everyone will think is fake anyhow. ; )
  15. ^ I ADORE that Cartier ring!