Building A Chanel Collection/First Chanel

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  1. Hello there!
    This is my very first post here and I was wondering if you wiser purse ladies had any advice on buying my first Chanel! My Dior & Gucci collection is mainly mini purses since I don't carry much but I now feel confident enough to branch out into the medium sizes. I'm very inclined to get the PVC bag with the pearl handle, my logic being that it is a limited edition purse and I can get a classic flap at any time. Also, I'm only 22 years old (almost 23 year) and feel that a classic flap is a bit too grown up for me right now. I want something kind of fun but am still reluctant to spend that much on a PVC bag.
    So I guess my question is how should I start to build my Chanel collection? Should I just wait till I feel comfortable with a classic flap instead of going for the speciality bags? Are those valuable for re-sale or as investments?
    And just for fun - what was your very first Chanel purchase? TIA!
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  2. Hey, 1996pursegirl.
    I'm also in the same boat. I'm also young like you and had to think about seasonals vs classic. But this is what I came down to: IMHO.. I think if you're not into the Chanel Classic Flap for right now, I don't think you should consider it for now. If you think its too much for you right now and you wont use it as much, it doesn't quite add up making a purchase like that when it wont be used or will be used ... in the future but not right now... I understand that its an investment, its price might increase, etc. But if you're not into it right now.. and it's just gonna sit there looking pretty in your closet, (or maybe in its box in the darkness) and you might change your mind about it in the future... its up to you. You can definitely plan on it in the future when you are ready! I'm also not quite into the classic flap right now, I'm thinking if i like it more in the future or if it suits my style when I'm older I would go the pre-loved path. Though i want to point out that you could find the PVC bag too preloved in the future. But since seasonal bags are limited in number, you'd have to rely on someone selling it in the future, taking good care of it when its in use, and catch their sale when they post it, in the right site, when you're ready. It's a lot of moving factors for me, honestly. If you're okay hunting for it in the future, then you could definitely do that! Also if you're having second thoughts about it.. I would keep thinking about it or wait for one that you absolutely love, but if you're really in-love with it, then go for it! I hope my long reply helped you a bit(?) And hope to see your first purchase when you decide on getting your first Chanel purse!

    Bought my first Chanel purse recently and it is not the classic flap. :smile: It's the pre-fall '19 Gabrielle hobo in small. And I loooooove it. I'll report back if I regret it, but I dont think I will :biggrin:
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  3. I would advise you against any PVC bag for that matter.. PVC doesn't hold up very well, it can get yellow over time and if it's not in perfect condition it's going to be super hard to sell if you get tired of it in the future. There is nothing against buying a fun Chanel bag, I just wouldn't recommend PVC bags, especially not in that price range.
    I'm 24 and my first Chanel was a single flap Jumbo (which is not considered a classic flap but obviously it looks identical), I don't find it too grown up at all, I actually think especially the Jumbo and the Mini sizes look really cool on "young" girls.
  4. I'm also in my early twenties and the Chanel flap bags have that sort of elegant charm that works on every age. From the array of colors to the variety of sizes, it was designed to be an everybody bag. I'm personally leaning towards a classic single flag.
  5. Thank you so much for such a well thought out reply!! I agree with you, it doesn't feel right to get a classic flap now because the price might increase or because I might like it someday in the future. I keep reading how badly PVC ages and that usually gets me to stop considering it. I think this is so difficult because I'm honestly such an awful decision-maker! I think the bags are beautiful but I'm finding it difficult to find one that's 'grown-up' but still appropriate and practical. I will definitely keep looking around, maybe try to go to my local boutique and try on a few pieces to see how I like different shapes, textures, finishes, etc.,
    I'm so glad you love your Gabrielle! I haven't given that style much thought but your glowing review has me wanting to do some research! Seriously thanks again for your reply! :smile:
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  6. Perhaps I'm overthinking it because my mom has always had a few & I see a lot of older bloggers in it. I'll definitely look online and see how younger girls have styled the bag! I'm sure that somewhere, out there in the window of a Chanel boutique, my young but classic & practical bag is waiting for me!
  7. this made me smile - how exactly do you define "older blogger"? :biggrin: Its so funny how much difference a few years make. I was 29 when I bought my first chanel bag (aka: last year lol) because I had been saving and waiting for the perfect mini. I think the Mini and woc, both CLASSIC styles, are suuper ageless and suit 20 year olds as well as 105 year olds.

    All of the bloggers I follow wear the classics too, and they are all 25-45, which I dont consider old ^^ But I do get that it might put u off seeing it on your mum. Why dont you try hers with your own youthful outfits to see how u like it? what better option to be able to test-wear it than that! :smile: I think it all depends on how the rest of the outfit looks like. Ive worn my chanel (by now I own more than the mini) both with ripped boyfriend levis jeans, a white top and leather jackets and suit pants and a trenchcoat - probably making me look a variety of ages because of the whole look.

    Strongly against pvc as well, it ages not too well. Try a small boy or the coco if u want something fun maybe?
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  8. I’m in my early 20s as well. My mom is a Chanel/LV/Gucci collector but I knew I wouldn’t be getting her bags for quite some time so I decided to start my own collection a few years ago. Here’s my advice:

    • Don’t impulse buy.
    • Physically go to a boutique and try on the bag(s) you’re looking at purchasing.
    • Scour every inch of the bag to make sure it’s up to your standards.
    • Buy the bag that YOU want, not what everyone else tells you to get.
    • Go the pre-loved route.

    I know a lot of people on here will vouch for having the boutique experience your first time but I can’t stress the pre-loved route enough. I went into a Chanel boutique last year dead set on a particular bag. When I tried it on I hated the way it looked on me and the quality was terrible but the SA kept pressuring me to buy it because it was a “classic” that everyone else has. For nearly $6,000 usd I knew I’d be throwing my money away but still had that gnawing feeling in my stomach that I was missing out on something. I decided to go next door and get a Louis Vuitton bag I had been eyeing for almost two years. A few months later I went on a nice week long cruise. During the last stop of the cruise I walked into a designer consignment store and lo and behold there was my dream Chanel bag (that I didn’t even know existed until then) in pristine condition for $1,300 usd. I got a LV bag, went on a cruise, and am now the proud owner of a rare Chanel bag, all for the same price of a new Chanel straight from the boutique. Unless you’re an oil magnate, married to one, or the daughter of one, I suggest saving your coins to find pre-loved pieces of much better quality than what the brand is currently putting out. Then you can enjoy what you saved and spend it on other things and experiences!

    Happy collecting!
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    What a great thread for others to see.
    A few tips from my own experience:
    -Don't buy it on ebay unless you know 100% the seller is legitimate (through word of mouth from trusted sources). I would so be wary of the online authenticators if you go to the preloved market, too. They need to see a bag in person. I have been burned with a counterfeit on a Kate Spade bag, thankfully, not Chanel.
    -Decide if you are okay with trendy bags, etc. They don't sell as well, so make sure it's something that you love.
    -PVC bags...They are not as sellable.
    -Decide what hardware you want as well. Gold? Silver? Ruthenium? So black, etc? Do you want it to match your jewelry?
    -Figure out a good space to store it.
    -If you hesitate about a bag, it's probably not worth buying it. Wait, even if it's a year down the line, for the right bag at a decent price. Even with price increases, you can still find good deals.
    -Decide on color - do you want a neutral or a pop of color? Will it go well with a lot of what your current wardrobe looks like?
    -Chain length - decide if you're okay with the chain length because they are not customizable, but you can tie ribbons to shorten straps on some purses.
    -How will you protect your bags from theft / mold in case? Will you travel with them? Will you insure them?
    -Materials - metalics cannot be died, new lambskin is soft but not as durable, caviar is good.
    -Size- how much do you want to fit in it?

    Do you live close to a Chanel store?

    The thing with preloved bags is that you can tell which ones have stood the test of time, with newer bags, they are still in their 'trial' period, so to speak. I've been to the boutique, it's fun but not worth paying say 300 dollars more for the experience.
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  10. I’m also 22, nearly 23. I ended up with a black Chanel mini in lambskin and aged gold hardware as my first and I have no regrets. I think the classic flap in any size suits all ages, truly a classic in all senses.

    As everyone has pointed out, I’d definitely avoid PVC. If I were you, I’d go the preloved route for seasonal pieces because you can save some money. Classics I find that it’s harder to get a good deal, so I’d go to the boutique for it. At the end of the day, just get whichever you love now, with a little consideration of how you’ll feel about it 5 years down the line.

    Good luck, and I hope you find the perfect bag!!
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  11. Re: Classic Flaps. I'm 28 and find the reissue flap bags work better for a casual option than the CC lock with leather/chain strap.
  12. I would suggest trying out woc, mini flap and boy bag if you don't want the classic flap. Try them on and see what you love vs. buying a chanel just for the sake of it :smile: Good luck!
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  13. My advice would be if you have the money now, buy the classic flap. Prices increase often and it’s something that is timeless and elegant. I was in my early 30s when I purchased my first Chanel ( a black classic flap) and I use it for special occasions and for going out at night for dinners, etc.

    My personal opinion is that the boy bag is more youthful and fun than the CF. Have you thought about a boy bag?
  14. Ahaha you're right! All those bloggers just look so put together that I keep thinking "ah ok I'll have my **** together by the time I'm her age and own a Chanel" but they're not actually that much older! I haven't heard of the coco bag, going to check it out now - thank you so so much for the suggestion! And that outfit sounds really cute and young! Thank you for changing my whole perception :smile:
  15. What an amazing and thoughtful reply! Thank you so so very much! I'm definitely wary of eBay and would prefer to visit a boutique unless there's a particular combination on a resale site that I can't get out of my head or can't be found in a boutique.
    After reading all the lovely feedback I've gotten I do think I approached the issue with more a 'street-wear' mindset, as in I thought a trendy seasonal bag would be quick to sell because its more limited in quantity & availability whereas the classic flap is a timeless investment, a sure fire sell no matter how 'available' it may be. I mentioned earlier that my mum has a few but since we don't live in the same city right now I'll be heading to a Chanel boutique to answer the rest of your question!
    I really can't thank you enough for your guidance - I feel really prepared to go in and get some guidance, try on some bags and see what works best. I'm also just nervous since this is my first 'adult' bag but I feel a lot better going in with a kind of 'plan'!
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