Builder eviction. Help!

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  1. Ok, so in a few weeks' time I'm getting some work done on my flat, but because of the nature of the work I have to move out while they do it. :wtf: The problem is, what to do with my darling bags? :confused1: I don't want to schlep them all half way across town to where I'll be staying during the work, but I don't really have anywhere secure to keep them in the flat while the work is being done. Because of the nature of the work, the only fitted furniture in which I'll be able to leave stuff is in my spare room wardrobe and my kitchen, but these have both been flooded by the flat above me in the past :sad: and I can't run the risk of that happening again with my bags present! I need some sort of water-tight container, but I can't think of anything cheap and readily available. Anyone have any ideas :idea: ??? Heeeelllp!
  2. I would go to Ikea and get some of those large plastic lidded boxes, that you usually use for kids toys or whatever, and put your bags in plastic bags and them pop them inside the boxes. Then cover them with bin liners and tie the bags tight.
    You can always use the containers for storing stuff when the builders leave too :yes:
  3. ^^^^ Ita.