Build Your Perfect BBag!

  1. So, desperately trying to kill time on the treadmill this morning, I decided to let my mind wander to...umm...oh, let's see......BAGS!!!! :nuts:

    And I came up with my perfect, want nothing more, fantasy bag...the be all and end all. Everything in one package. So, let's each describe (in loving detail) our Fantasy BBag. OH!! Thanks for asking!!!...I'm happy to go first!! :graucho: (keep it clean folks...these are just purses!!)

    Style: Part-Time
    Leather: '05 OR 'F/W '07
    Distressing: Veins, but no crinkles please
    Colour: '05 Magenta
    Hardware: Pewter (RH)
    Special Request: Pls. give the handle an extra two inch drop and lose the shoulder strap

  2. Style: Part-Time
    Leather: '05
    Distressing: not too veiny; smooth-ish
    Colour: '05 Magenta...not the '07 reissue. ;)
    Hardware: brass RH
    Special Request: Increase the depth to at least the same depth as the City. Longer shoulder strap AND longer handles ... I like to have both carrying options. ;)
  3. "Longer shoulder strap AND longer handles" ^^^

    Okay, I could live with that too!
  4. Larger zip pockets on the GH Work! Otherwise she is perfect
  5. I would love a 'divider' in the body of the bag (like the celine boogie!)
    I keep contemplating making one for my first - any seamstresses out there?!
  6. fiatflux designed my dream BAL bag to a "T" :p now, I just have to sit and wait for it to be made!
  7. How weird i was going to start the same thread! i have thought a lot about this and here goes:

    It would be the First shape/style but bigger -same size as the City. It would be black, with '05 thick chewy leather but with the '07 wrinkly characteristics. Regular hardware in pewter, 2002 bales. Longer shoulder strap. :love:
  8. Okay, good bag.....but cutest avatar ever....:heart::heart::heart:!

  9. That's my perfect bbag too! That's funny, I was about to post almost the exact same thing and then I saw your post. I love the first (the city is too square looking IMO) but I wish it was just a little bigger and with a longer shoulder strap.
  10. That would be really attractive.
  11. That would be helpful on quite a lot of the other bag styles too, particularly the City.
  12. 04 seafoam (or rose, i'm not that picky ;)) first with a long strap and silver flat hardware (like 01-02)
  13. Here's mine:

    Style: City
    Leather: '05 OR 'F/W '07
    Distressing: some veins but smoother
    Colour: something in a brick red, almost like '05 Rouge Theatre but deeper
    Hardware: Brass (RH)
    Special Request: None. I love the City the way it is!:tender:
  14. Yes - very good idea but not necessarily in black. I would quite like mine to come in the same leather as my Violet Step or maybe in Anthracite or Plomb? Can it have as big zip pockets as can be fitted into that shape and be supplied with more than 2 extra tassels from the start please?

    Alternatively, I would like the Step in Electric Blue (if the photo of the bag in the background is correct) but without the semi-rigid base. The bottom should be more like that of the Brief. The Step has great leather, good handles and I like the way the top slants in rather than sticks out like on the City but the base is neither stiff or flexible enough to make any sense.
  15. Aw thank you :blush: they're my chihuahuas Lily (the bride) and Bella (the groom...yep both girls though but one of them had to be the groom!) I don't usually dress them up, but i took this photo of them and used it on the cover of my wedding invitations and for the table place cards, it went down really well and got a mention and a laugh in my husband's speech!

    Eric1451 great minds think a like! i completely agree with you, the City is too square (for me!) but the First doesn't fit all of my daily needs.