My Sweet Escape
Aug 15, 2008
So... it's kinda like build-a-bear but with L.A.M.B. bags!

Sometimes there's one or a few things I would change with a L.A.M.B. bag to make it exactly how I want it and I'm curious what bags other lambies would 'slightly alter' if they could!

I'll start: NEW Soft Signature Wiltshire in B&W

1.) I would change the brown canvas to the smoke color that was on the first ones.
2.) I would swap the gold hardware w/ silver hardware.
3.) I would remove the wrist loop thing from the small zip pouch it comes with.
4.) Change the price to $20 LOL!!!

Then it would be P.E.R.F.E.C.T!!!! :nuts:


My Sweet Escape
Aug 15, 2008
OK I have another one!

Shadow Oxford:

1.) Change the turquise to black.
2.) Sell it w/ the matching wallet & accesories so I don't have to kill myself trying to track them down!
3.) Make tons and tons of them so it's not a rare print! :yes:


Jun 14, 2007
Oh Gwen....please...

build me a HOPEWELL in Original Saddle, with a detachable shoulder strap. and make the same bag in the soft signature smoke print.

Then, make a matching zip-clutch (ala marc jacobs) so that I can shove everything I own in there and not worry about the clasp popping open.

Of course, an updated, slightly larger (but not too large) coin-zip so I can carry all those extra cards I have around with me.

Oh, and while you're at me an AGENDA COVER to match. and make it BIG (6x8). I need space to write and see things (cause i'm old and all...)


Feb 12, 2008
Dittos on Agendas, more silver trim, less gold.
Though I'm learning to live with gold..

Shoulder straps, mos def - I seriously have a screwed up shoulder on one side from the way I carry my Montego (that I carry way too f-ing much, but I luv it so...)