buh bye!

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  1. Something about the sick materialistic nature of this place bothers me. You guys seem to enjoy showing off stuff that money bought. woohoo. Pathetic. :huh: Rich arses or people with a spending habit...take your pick as to what you are. I joined because I was searching for a new purse. I wear out mine before I buy a new one. Yep...I have one purse at a time. Surprise surprise...I think to logically about things and having more than one purse seems silly at the moment. I'm a college student who has no need for more than one purse anyway. My backpack gets the most wear. I sat on this board looking for ideas and perhaps links to buy a purse. I am very picky when it comes to getting a new purse. I will look at hundreds just to find one tomboy enough. Damn right I am a tomboy and not a girlie girl. Girlie girls get on my nerves. Ugh!

    I am usually known for my brutal honesty and some people like it..other people hate me for it. I see you guys and I see obsession with spending money. While I like certain things...most of what I enjoy cannot be bought with money. I'm getting tired of having crap thrown in my face almost like from this board. People like oh look what I bought it cost me $20000! Look at me...I am rational. I can buy the same thing for $30 that does just as good a job. Namely watches...so what if it doesn't make people notice me or has little diamonds on it. It tells the time and that is all I care about. Purses...though they are cute and stuff...there is a certain point where being realistic comes handy. It's a bag to carry around stuff.

    So then it makes me wonder that all you guys do is buy expensive stuff to be noticed. I'm not talking about something that costs a lot every once and awhile. You guys seem to buy it all the time. Thank God I am not in debt. Gotta be designer! wooo...Okay I don't care. I come from a middle class family. We have money...my parents had 5 kids. Put them all through college and we are still living in a nice 250k home in Oklahoma. Living is cheap here by the way. My parents do not buy us expensive things...I do not buy expensive things. I have to buy a lot of stuff for lots of people. I cannot give everyone an expensive gift. And daddy did not buy my car. I bought a cheap old car that is in AWESOME SHAPE with my own money.

    I have no idea what I want to say other than I hate the materialism here. I'm lying to you guys and I just wanted to say I had enough of the crap here. Have a good day and try not to break a nail. Screw fashion...it is a poor and shallow investment! :smile:

    "Buying stuff that I don't need with money that I don't have to impress people that I don't really like is a bad plan." Dave Ramsey
  2. Bye, you won't be missed. :smile:
  3. somebody's extremely narrow minded....and who says we're in debt anyway?.....if you can't afford it you don't buy it....if you can then why not?..nothing wrong with material things making you happy......no point having money if you're never gonna spend it...i'm sure we all don't work our asses off going through college, grad school, work just to make zero money and never splurge.....
  4. don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
  5. I think what you see here is a shared interest and acceptance of others. If you don't share our interests and you can't accept us, you are more than invited to excuse yourself. Maybe when you get a little older, you'll learn some acceptance of others -- even (maybe ESPECIALLY) those with whom you disagree.
  6. well said!
  7. You know what...**** you guys and I hope you have a nice life. _|_ The rude comments just further my point that you are all a bunch of **** faced rich pricks. Get a life.
  8. hmmmmmm toke time out to write all that just to be noticed......what was the point ???? all u had to do is leave ......why did u feel the need to give a speach ??????

    That is all By BYE
  9. This must be one of the husbands or boyfriends playing a joke. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    :suspiciou If it's you, Mr. Buttery, please log off and go take out the trash sweetie.:lol:

  10. And u r still here :suspiciou

    glad u are able to get that off ur chest ........:amuse:
  11. **** thius ****
  12. LOL .....

    I spy someone who is green with envy:blink:
  13. we have lives...very nice ones thank u.....which is more than i can say for others who have the time to leave nasty messages in every thread after they claimed they were leaving......:wacko:
  14. not envious...just having an emotional breakdown. **** this ****
  15. I am amazed you are still here - shouldn't you be doing your homework!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.