bugs on puppy

  1. well at first i thought it was fleas my husband is thinking other wise one was on me today and it did not jump. it was a marroonish color and about this ____ long and about this _ wide. could this still be a flea even though it did not have bent legs like a flea. any suggestions?
  2. It does seem kind of large for fleas, could it be ticks?
    Are there a lot of these bugs on your puppy or just one? How old is your puppy and is he/she living indoors or outdoors? With a bit more info I might be able to help, got a pic? I am in Texas not far from you actually. So, since we have so many bugs here (yikes!) I actually could maybe id this critter. I know a vet that is close to you if you by chance need it, just let me know! (Sorry for all the questions)
  3. Hmm I would bring your pup into the vet or groomer...they have seen everything and can probably tell you what those nasty bugs are :sad:

    Good luck :smile: