Bugging a SA

  1. Today, I ordered my first Birkin. :yahoo:It is a 30cm poi....taurillon swift Birkin. I can't remember the poi...Maybe someone out there can finish the blank. The SA told me that it will take a year to come in....So, when did you start calling or visiting to stay updated on the status of your bag? I don't want to annoy him, but I'm so excited. I also purchased my first twilly as well. I'll post a picture tomorrow. After having read this to my DH, he stated it sounds like baggaholic anonymous.
  2. Potiron? Was it orange?
  3. Oh and tell your husband "Shallow Obsessing Strongly Encouraged" here :winkiss:
  4. No, it is beige. The color is very neutral. It was a hard decision because I had two colors in mine...sable and etoupe. But the SA showed me a swatch of the color and I thought it was perfect. It was not as dark as etoupe, and it did not have the gold undertone of sable. It was complimentary to the colors of the other swatches so I knew that was the color for me.
  5. Beige swift ... I can only think of parchmein being the closest .... I wonder what it is that you have ordered.

    Don't call and bug. It bothers them. What you might want to do to keep the relationship warm is to pop into your H store (however frequent you want LOL), and see if there are H items that you might fancy. Making purchases along the way always helps. Don't say "Is my Birkin here yet?" unless you are assured of a rock solid relationship with your SA and that you know she adores you.
  6. It probably depends on your SA, I'm hardly a high spending customer but I've waited only a month or so for both birkins that I have just recently purchased. You never know what can happen. Good luck
  7. Best thing to do - difficult though it may seem - is to forget about it completely and don't bug the SAs. They don't often know what's coming before it arrives in the shop and so long as they have your contact details you wont be totally forgotten.
  8. ^^Exactly. Asking the SA, even though you may be sorely tempted and I certainly have been, does not speed the process...they have little if any control over when stuff comes in. I hope it's soon!!
  9. ^^ good advice. if they did order it for you, that is a big step and they will let you know when it arrives. no pressure. if it goes three years and no bag, then you know you should look somewhere else maybe.
  10. ^^how about 4 going on 5 years? It's been so long I don't even really remember, maybe it is 5 going on 6...! I don't even bother asking anymore and have moved on...
    But hopefully they did place your order and provided that it is not too esoteric, you should see it...eventually...and again hopefully within the year if your SA said that although again they don't have any say in the matter....
  11. Coleigh, IIRC, I think we go to the same boutique. They're not high up in the food chain. They're lovely people, but if you get something from them, you have to wait awhile.

    I got on the list for a little, minor nothing that was supposed to take 2 months to come in. 8 months later I got a call.

    It takes awhile, but they don't forget. If it's the local H boutique you're talking about, they don't have huge lists. If they put your name down, they absolutely WILL remember and call you. You just have to be prepared for a loooooong wait, and as everyone else said, the SAs have no control over it.
  12. Is it the Houston boutique? It is a small store. I don't know about their traffic, but I usually see approximately 5 clients when I visit.
  13. I stop in my H store every once in a while to say Hi and ask re my order. I have a very nice SA(Jill in KOP,PA) . I don,t call her though, just stop in when I am in the area!
  14. coleigh, I think the name you are looking for is 'poussiere'(sp?) it looks beige, I saw a swatch of that & I thought to myself that it would be a nice color to have, I asked SM how best to describe it,she said 'dirty beige'!
  15. forgot to add, it was in taurillon clemence.HTH!