Bugatti Paddington?

  1. I was talking with an SA at Nordies about getting a Paddington, and she said they had the "Bugatti" Paddy. I found this picture online (at BBoS), but lists the bag in the pic as an "East West" bag. Can someone confirm that this is the bugatti bag?

    Also, if you own one, how do you like it? Do you like the zipper "false" bottom?

    Should I get it (on sale) or hold out for the medium paddington satchel (full price)?

  2. Yes, this is the Bugatti -- comes in two sizes.
  3. Thanks!

    I think I'm going to hold out for a classic paddy, b/c the lines are just so gorgeous.
  4. Hey if you are interested in a classic paddy in canelle, there was still one available last night at 1130pm eastern time at the Bellevue Nordies (I believe they are in seattle). It was medium sized and was $614..I spoke to Rachel.
  5. I gone, unless you already bought it chakakhan. Good luck.
  6. Hey there, I'm considering this one too, found one for $719, down from $1800, and have it on hold......if someone own's it, is it extremely heavy, do you like it, etc.?? Thanks!!
  7. $614?
    *falls over*
  8. I own the large version in almost every color they made!:nuts: It's an '06 style and I've always called it the paddington bouler zippy...I've heard that they also call it the "bugatti" but I don't know where that name comes from. :confused1:In any case, I just bought two more in the large version, on Overstock in muscade and in brun. It's a gorgeous bag and holds everything. I put gloves or my agenda in the bottom part. I would get the medium satchel though if it is your first's more versatile since the bouler is a more casual bag IMHO, and the classic satchel can be dressed up or down. :wlae:
  9. Which one is muscade and brun at overstock? Because the description only tells me, light brown and brown. Do you have pictures? I want to see how it looks on. Thanks.
  10. If you call Rachel... she can find any bag (if available) for you. She is the manager at the Bellevue Nordys and a friend of mine. The main number there is (425) 440-4585

    BTW.. I've seen the Bugatti, its sooo cute.
  11. I don't have pics, (no digital camera available!) but the dark brown is "brun" and the brown is "muscade." I called them before I ordered and the best they could do was just show me their pics a bit bigger, no one can read the tag for you, so I took the plunge and ordered both, thinking I would return one. However, when I got them and saw the gorgeous colors, I kept them both!:tup: I have muscade in the classic medium paddy as well, but you can't have too much muscade!! :nuts: LOL They both came perfect; tags, dustbags, etc. If you want muscade, order the brown, not the dark brown:smile::wlae:
  12. I've got the Bugatti in Noir, and I love it. It is much cuter than the picture posted in this thread--they have got the photo bag stuffed too full of paper. IRL, the bag is much softer and slouchier, and the studs are much more noticeable.

    The bottom is handy for the things you need to carry, but don't need to access too frequently.

    As someone else mentioned, it is a more casual look than the classic satchel, but that works for me.
  13. I called and they said there were no more Teklas in the system. =(
  14. Hey ladies. Thanks for all of your comments. I waited too long on the one at Nordies in noir, but now I'm thinking that Overstock might me the way to go. Do any of you have a modeling pic of you with your bag? I'd love to get a better sense of the size.