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  1. Architectural Digest Sep. issue has a little article on the collaboration of these 2 firms on a new car called the Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermes. An Hermes wallet is tucked into the glove compartment and in the trunk is an Hermes suitcase. Quite fancy!
  2. DH got the magazine the other day and showed me the article. He didn't read it, so he didn't know about the wallet.
    I read somewhere about the Bolide -- that it was designed for the Bugatti. I can't remember if it was for Mrs. Hermes. I just found this on a website (for knock-offs, so I won't give the address:smile:
    The Bolide, originally called the Bugatti after a very sleek French racecar, was designed in 1922
    for the wife of Emile-Maurice Hermes. It's elegance is only eclipsed by its practicality.
    So, just a little history lesson. H and Bugatti go way back. i did read the same thing in an actual book; one of the many I have on handbag and shoe history!
  3. i would love to see pics of this car.
    bugattis are amazing
  4. Gosh, it's very sleek looking! So much power.