Bugaboo Cameleon vs Bee...Which One!?!

  1. I found it very easy to fold and unfold after a little practice. Mine is in and out of the car alot so i do deal with heaviness of it alot but i find it really worth it. it pushes so smooth that DH and i fight (in a fun way lol) over who gets to push it, so its really nice to steer if you have something else in another hand. i also have an orbit and a peg perego skate (which is really similar to the cameleon). I used the orbit when we had to go to dr visits and such but for anything over like 20 mins i always took the cameleon. the only cons for me was it was two pieces to lift out of my car (which so are the other 2) and i wish it had more storage but i bought stroller hooks
  2. I have a Nissan Altima, so my trunk is pretty roomy. I can fit the stroller and bassinet in there and still have room for grocery or other types of bags. I liked the handling on the Cameleon more than the Bee. It felt sturdier to me.

  3. Thanks! This really helps me to gage if my car is roomy enough. I've heard some people say that their strollers were on the big side and takes up all the space in their boot and not a lot of room for anything else! So this gives me a good idea of how Bee will fit into my boot!

  4. Wow!! That's great space! After hearing this, I am a little less worried about the Cameleon swallowing up my entire trunk! I've read from others that the Cameleon is a space guzzler. After they put in the Cameleon, they practically have no other room for anything else and the back seat already has a car seat there...and with diaper bag, they really have no room for anything else. So this gives a good idea if the Cameleon will be space guzzler in my car. Super helpful!


  5. Thanks! It looks like if I get the Cameleon, I just have to practice folding and unfolding around the house to get the hang of it. I'd hate to be fidgeting with it in a parking lot with people passing by me and looking at me like I don't know what I'm doing! :biggrin:

    I actually have a brand new Maclaren stroller at home. It was a gift and I had planned to use this one for easy peasy outings like to the dr's or grocery stores. And wanted to splurge on a Bugaboo for more strenuous outings like parks, long walks, etc.

  6. Have had a cameleon for 3 years. My favorite stroller of the 3 we have (1 is the chicco liteway that we use for travel so that it can get beat up, and the other is a fancy compact umbrella). It pushes like a dream, and I loved that I could use it with our infant car seat (when she was a baby), the bassinet, and then now the seat. We have a toyota camry newer model and it does take up about half of the trunk space, but is plenty of room for most daily activities. We are expecting our second and currently don't feel a huge need to get a double yet because you can add the wheelie board to accommodate our older child. Also, although this isn't unique to the cameleon I love being able to change out colors and patterns. I felt that esp when I was using it just with the infant car seat and the adapter that it didn't take up much more space than our old snap and go. For reference, I am just shy of 5 feet, and in non pregnant days weighed 100-110 lbs and found that I could fold and pack the stroller fine after a few days of practice. HTH!
  7. I had this same question when I was looking for a stroller (my DD was born 10/29/11). I went with the Cameleon and though I don't "regret" it per se, there are some issues with it I don't like: 1) It is HUGE. We have a bmw m3 and it fits in the trunk with the car seat adapter no problem (we use it mainly with the car seat bc its much smaller this way- so I can actually go to stores and restaurants without knocking things over) 2) the bassinet is HUGE. I literally cannot take the stroller into stores/restaurants with the bassinet unless it is a big suburban type mall (I prefer to walk around NYC and go to smaller boutique-y places) also, no way can I use the bassinet at a restaurant without it taking up and entire side of the table. Also, the basket is very difficult to access when the bassinet is on. Basically, when we use the bassinet we put the frame in the trunk and the bassinet in the backseat. IT just doesn't fit into our trunk comfortably.

    We haven't used the regular seat yet, so can't comment on that. the positives: I love the handling! It does drive very well...

    I would advise going to a store and trying it out yourself. We went out to the suburbs and they let us take the strollers out (we were also looking at the Vista) to the car and see how they fit in the trunk.
  8. Thanks! This is very helpful! I have a Mercedes C and I would hate to spend all that money on the Cameleon only to find out over time with use, that it's not convenient taking it to places and fitting it in and out of my trunk. I didn't even start to think of the inconvenience of being in tight spaces such as restaurants and boutiques. I'm going to have to take a look at the Cameleon for myself at a store!

    Thanks again!!

  9. Thanks! I guess practice is key to being efficient!

    Congrats on your 2nd!! I think the Cameleon is a great investment especially if you can use it again for another baby. This baby will probably be our one and only so we'll probably have to retire it after the baby outgrows the whole stroller thing.

  10. Thanks! Well, just in case, there's always craigslist to recoup some cost (or to purchase it from the beginning, which is how we acquired ours)
  11. Thanks everyone for all the feedback and help!

    I went with the Bee! :smile:

  12. UPDATE: I ended up getting the Cameleon afterall. I had decided on the Bee, but once we got to the store, DH went for the Cameleon. He liked the versatility of the Cameleon and he felt that it was sturdier than the Bee. He liked the way it felt in his hands.

    Anyways, I took LO out in her Cameleon....shopping. And I finally understand what a few of you were saying how it was a little hard to wheel inside little boutiques in New York. If the stores are small and tight, it is definitely hard to turn and get around in.

    I also I had trouble unfolding the Cameleon when I took it out of the trunk a couple of times. I think I just need more practice. DH seems to be able to do it like magic.

  13. I bought a bee last year for my son it's so small and easy to operate around shop aisles but sometimes I found it hard to take the seat out and turn it around because of the footmuff when it was on.. Other then that it's great!
  14. I chose the Chameleon over the Bee & Love it! Main reasons:

    I'm 5' 10" & the Chameleon was significantly taller with the handle extended.

    The bassinet offered A LOT more sun protection than the Bee (the sun can be very strong here & DD is quite fair)

    When I drive somewhere, I use the carseat adapters & it becomes very compact for small shops.

    It maneuvers like a dream! I bought mine to replace my Peg Perego that I was really unhappy with & the difference is like night & day! The Chameleon seemed much sturdier than the Bee in the store, but at the end of the day, the height & bassinet options were the main reasons I went with it & have no regrets.
  15. We have the peg perego too for the cameleon. LO is now 4 months and I finally got the hang of manuevering the cameleon. It does move like a dream. I only had a bit of trouble - turning in tight spaces, with one hand when LO was in my other. My sister has this snap and go for her car seat and I was pushing it - can definitely feel the difference! I'm so glad we opted for the cameleon. The bassinet is very useful and makes traveling easier. I'm one happy camper.

    DH LOVES this. He's 6'2" so this is a dream for him. He just extends the handles when he's using it.

    I was a little nervous putting LO in the bassinet when she brand spanking new. I was worried that when we were out, she would shift around too much. She was über tiny. Did you guys have this worry? I kept trying to look for some to put in the bassinet like the cocoon, but the cocoon is for the bee. So I ended up using the bassinet at home which was quite practical. And just attaching the peg perego to the cameleon when we are out.

    We'll be taking this with us on our first trip in a few weeks! I'm so excited!!