1. Not sure if someone started a topic about this movie yet, if so mods please delete or merge.

    I want to know what another sane person thought of this movie, IMO it was :tdown: because it was SLOWWWWW as hell...but it did have an interesting oddity element.

    Went to see it because the critics gave it good reviews. However the regular user ratings on yahoo left a lot to be desired:

    Critics - B
    Yahoo users - D+

    My boyfriend was like well the critics liked it so it must be decent....if I had listened to the users I wouldnt want those 2 hours of my life back :crybaby:
  2. I will not be seeing this! The premise gives me the oogies. . . can't do it!
  3. yeah I love scary movies but not about creepy crawlies! LOL