1. so when i'm tring to read other peoples posts, the right side of the posts are cut off so i can't read the entirety of the post. some words are cut off. anyone else having that problem? they seem to even be cut off by the ads when i max out my screen, which i dont' particularly care to do because i have other windows open.

    help help!
  2. What browser and operating system are you using? Did you try clearing your browser cache?
  3. I also had this problem. I changed back into the other skin and it's fine.
  4. boo but i like thi skin better, maybe i'll just deal :sad:

    i'm using internet explorer.

    what's a cache?

    there's not even a way to scroll to the right or anything!
  5. it may be that the pictures that ppl posted are wider than the screen or something, because it didn't cut things off on this thread....

    check out the last page of the Coach RAOK. thats where it happend! lol... i started pouting cuz i couldn't read the entirety of the sentances (it's fairly obvious what the rest of the sentance says, but i figured if it was a lil kink in the new skin and i'm in love with it so i want it to be perfect ;) ) i hope this helps.
  6. I realize what the problem is and am working on fixing it.
  7. you're fabulous thank you!

    PS this site is the best invention ever...
  8. Vlad is working to fix the pictures... this is happening because pictures are being posted too large- but there is a way to auto size them so this won't happen, which Vlad is trying to have done!
  9. I'm getting the right side of the page cut off too.;)

    I am having a problem replying to topics - i only see the first page of comments - i have no option to go the the last page, or scroll through subsequent pages, so when i reply to a topic, there are lots of replies i'm not seeing...:confused1:

    Is this the same as you ViciousBliss...?

    Thanks Vlad and Megs for all your hard work;)
  10. Yes I'm getting a cut-off right side too, but only on some threads. For example I was searching my Private Messages link (that's on the right) and I noticed that I could only see the first and second letters of it, and in another thread it was complete. I can't scroll to the right when that happens because it's not scrollable like up and down ?? I'm using the newest firefox.
  11. I have IE and I also don't have a scrollbar to scroll from left to right, my right-most edge is also cut off. I don't think it has to do with pictures because this happens even on threads without them.
  12. I don't have a horizontal scrollbar either and I did before the recent changes - using WinXP with Firefox 2.0. It's happening on all threads whether or not they have pics. If I drag and drop the edge of my screen in even a little, the right side of the page just disappears and the scrollbar never appears.
  13. Please let me know if the most recent changes helped out with your problem. Thanks!
  14. Thanks, Vlad, I think the sizing problem is fixed but there still aren't any useable horizontal scrollbars.

    As it is now (approx 12:15PM Central Standard time US), no scrollbar appears at all in Firefox when I drag and drop to reduce a page's width. If I drag and drop in IE6 a scroll bar will appear when the page width gets down to about 400 pixels.

    The scrollbar comes in handy when I'm keeping two windows open - I'll open up one of eBay's "Contact us" pages in the other window so I can report counterfeits as I'm going through the Ugly Fakes and Authenticate pages. And on a 14" laptop my on-screen real estate is pretty small as it is.

  15. I see what you are saying... but sadly, due to the nature of the forum itself, it's made for screen resolutions of 1024 pixel width, which is pretty much standard and it shouldn't be browsed in any other way than full screen.

    If you maximize the window without keeping another side-by-side, modern screens shouldn't have any problems displaying our forum in its full beauty! :idea: