Bug Repellent !!!

  1. What bug repellent do you Ladies & Gentlemen use in the Summer ? Personally i don't use them because i think the bugs chase me more,but my family uses Bug and Sun by Coppertone, with SPF 15 its waterproof.

    How about you ?

  2. I really attract bugs and mosquitos, I've been experimenting with Bounce sheets as I hate those repellents. I was told that brush a Bounce sheet on your exposed skin to keep the bugs away, I just tag it in my pocket when I go to the park with my puppy because I don't want to smell like fresh from the dryer, it's working alright so far.
  3. Thats really good to know !

  4. Avon Skin so Soft is actually recommended by a women's magazine (forget which one...BH&G maybe) as working the best. The good news is they have different scents now, cuz the original one was kinda stinky. I took it to bootcamp with me and it worked wonders. I just smelled kinda...minty sagey woodsy.
  5. Yes the Skin so Soft is good I also like the Burt's Bees Herbal repellant great for my toddler!
  6. I worked in an outdoor shop in the uk and avon skin so soft is the stuff the guys in the army have been using for years and is recommended by just about everybody
  7. i use the avon too (since my boyfriend works for avon) and i've found that it's great for preventing bug bites....i used to get multiple mosquito bites everytime i even stpeped outside in the summer but i'm bite free so far this summer :yahoo:
  8. Fataliya-- My cousin just got back from the Marines boot camp in Parris Island a month ago-- they were actually required to have that-- thankfully one of my mom's friends is an Avon seller, so she got a few bottles fast!!

    Also, I used to use one of the bug sprays that smelled good, but I found that it actually attracted bugs! I wish it didn't, because I hate the smell of bug spray !!!
  9. Avon skin so soft in gentle breeze. A bit strong on the fragrance side, but WORKS in humid, mosquito filled Florida!
  10. I'm not sure if this really works, but someone told me this summer (at an outdoor music camp) that if you eat lemons or drink lemonade (basically anything acidic) that it is emitted from your skin and is a natural repellant to bugs. Conversely, loading up with sugar is a bug magnet. Makes sense, I suppose.:shrugs:
  11. From the suggestions above, which one does a better job? Burt bees or Avon so soft? I was also wondering if the avon so soft that everyone is talking about the bug guard version the original moisturizer/lotion? I was looking on their website and i can't seem to find the different scents? TIA.
  12. Rid tropical strength. I've been to quite a few asian countries and its a must to avoid malaria (plus in the summer at bbq's and parties bug repellent is essentrial so that I don't end up with tonnes of bites on my arms and legs).