Bug magnet?

  1. Do any of you feel like a bug magnets sometimes? I'm ALWAYS getting bitten by bugs, and because I have sensitive skin, there are always marks that are left on my skin.

    I don't wear anything that is particularly attractive to bugs (frangrance-free lotion) and I DO shower everyday (I swear!). It's so frustrating because my boyfriend never has bug bites!
  2. I feel like they chase me everywhere. Matter fact, I had a big one chase me around today. Ug.
  3. Do you mean mosquitoes/black flies or bees? I am a definite magnet for mosquitoes, my husband just said today that I am his best mos repellent. Somehow, when we stand together in the park, I get attacked when he gets nothing. I have loads of bites all over and I can't help scratching which leaves marks on my skin. How can I do?