Bug Bites

  1. Does anyone tend to get a lot of bug bites? I always have around 6 or so and they get humongous. What is it that attracts myself to these creatures lol
  2. Are you very itchy? Get a Benadryl Itch Stick.
  3. oooh.My 11 yr old is the BIGGEST bug magnet...LOL!!!
    i use the numbing spray that takes the itch out for her...she gets GINORMOUS bites too
  4. ya i read somewhere it has to do with what kinda foods you eat.. lol.
  5. hydrocortisone ointment can take down the swelling and redness. in my cases, it doesnt really help the itch though. goldbond anti-itch cream is better and if you put it on right after you get a bite, it'll prolly go away within a day (also if you dont scratch too much)
  6. The dermatologist said my daughters bug bites swell up so much because she is super allergic to them!
    we even use prescription strength cream when its bad
  7. Mosquitos love me. I went to Kauai a few weeks ago and came back with 20+ bites. The bites get so big that they bruise and will sometimes scar.
  8. yep i just recently got bit by a spider in my toe and my foot was immensely swollen and numb and i could hardly walk. oh yeah like a day later i got attacked by a TON of ants around my ankle.. lmao they love me. i heard it has something to do with ur blood or food you eat.