Bug bite, rash, stiff neck... ??

  1. Well I am going to the Dr later today... and another appointment scheduled on Monday, but I just wanted to vent/share my recent weird activity (of my body).

    About 3 weeks ago I woke up and saw what looked like a mosquito bite on my hand. About an hour later, I looked down and the top of my hand was incredibly red and blotchy. I am not allergic to mosquito bites (or ant, etc). So I took Benadryl and waited to see what it looked like the next day. It did not spread further, but the entire top of my hand was red still the next day from this bite. I took more Benadrly and waited one more day. So on day 3 it still looked the same, not worse, and I went to the Dr.

    The Dr said he did not like how it looked. I asked what he thought it could be and he said he could not be sure, but was worried it could have been a tick. He said because he really did not like how it looked, it was a little worried about lyme disease. So I asked "Ok what are the symptoms to look for?" He said "Sore joints and shortness of breath". I looked at him and said GREAT!! That happens to me daily!

    So he said he would treat me as a precaution, with an antibiotic that would take care of lyme disease if I have it. The antibiotic lasts for 30 days. I have about 4 days left of it.

    So fast forward to yesterday... I woke up with a REALLY sore neck. But I figured I just slept on it wrong. And then I kept feeling something like a big bite on my stomach, and I finally really looked at my stomach and saw quite a few red marks. So I looked in the mirror and I definitely have a rash. I noticed this late last night. So I just looked at it good and went to bed. Rash is still there this morning and my neck is KILLING me. It is like incredibly sore and stiff.

    I called two Dr's, including the first one I saw. I am going in at 4 today and have another appointment for next week on Monday, with a specialist.

    So I am going to see a Dr. But I start to wonder what is going on?! I never get rashes and I am very careful about what I eat, since I have food allergies. I did not eat out in the past week and everything I have eaten I have made myself with foods I am not allergic too. The medicine did not affect me, but I guess I could have a late reaction?

    I would typically think the stiff neck is just from sleeping funny, but it makes me worry just a little with it coming right with the rash (though it started when I woke up so it clearly could have been from sleeping funny on it).

    I will keep you all posted... just wanted to get this off my chest and hear some thoughts! Thanks all for listening
  2. Odd.....keep us posted!

    My first thought was lyme disease, too, but since you're on antibiotics for it, that shouldn't be it. Maybe it is the antibiotic - a month is a long time to be on one.

    The only time I've had a rash it was big ugly splotches, all over.

    Good thoughts headed your way!
  3. Oh no! That sounds so scary-I'll be sending good thoughts your way. Hope that this is all just a frightening coincidence and that you're fine!
  4. interesting....keep us posted! :smile:
  5. is it possible u r having an allergic reaction to the Antibiotic too?thats happened to me after taking it a while...

    Hope it works out OK at the doctor,good luck!
  6. I had that once and it was a Spider bite which got infected - but I should think the antibiotics would have cured that problem. It's possible that you have had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. Lots of people are allergic to different antibiotics. Or you could have caught something else. My son got a rash all over his body for months from Strep throat once. Anyway I'm gald you're going to the doctor's since the stiff neck isn't something to play with. I hope it's nothing and that you feel better soon.
  7. Oh no! Please keep us posted! I am sure its nothing, but its good your going to the doctor. Here is what I found about tick bites:

    Tick bites
    Tick bites are noticed after redness, pain, discomfort or swelling occure in the area of the bite. Blisters, rash and itching may also occur. Early removal of the tick body and head followed by through cleaning is beneficial. While most ticks do not carry diseases, some ticks can cause Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Colorado tick fever, tularemia. Watch for symptoms of these diseases in the weeks following a tick bite. Symptoms include muscle or joint aches, stiff neck, headache, weakness, fever, swollen lymph nodes, and other flu-like symptoms. Watch for a red spot or rash starting at the location of the bite.

    Feel better!!!!!!!
  8. I know, it is REALLY weird.

    The antibiotic is one that some people use for long bouts of time... I think it is more of a bacteria killer than used for shorts bouts. It didn't bother me and I have taken it for 26 days. The rash is not by my bite site, but all over my stomach, workings its way up my chest, and now on my back.

    The neck is horribly stiff... but from being tense I could have caused it to stiffen more.

    I will let you all know - I see the Dr in 2 hours!
  9. Selena, that is what I worry about... the symptoms are precisely what he told me to look for. But it makes no sense that it would come so late, after I am being treated. Ugh!
  10. oh wow. Sounds like an allergic reaction. feel better ok?
  11. Hopefully this all unrelated to the potential tick-bite and some benadryl and advil will make you right as rain!

    (what does that mean anyways?? right as rain??? :shrugs:)
  12. sorry to hear that Megs..
    I have a co-worker who has/had lyme disease, and they suspect she had it for a long time... She had some of the same symptoms you describe.
    The worst part is NOT knowing what it is and then the mind wanders... all over the place
  13. Sounds like a bacteremia (bacteria in the blood), probably from a cutaneous infection from the bite. Doc needs to rule you out for meningitis, although it probably isn't meningococcemia (if it was you'd already be pretty bad off). Broad spectrum antibiotics may not be a bad idea until cultures and sensitivities are completed. Hope you feel better!
  14. Megs, I am not sure what state you were in when bit but I do know contracting lyme disease in Florida is very rare. We picked up our dog one weekend from boarding and he was infested with ticks. We rushed him to the vet and while speaking with him voiced our concern for our two children and the possibility of them contracting lyme disease. He assured us that the ticks in Florida do not carry lyme disease. I looked into it further and cases of lyme disease reported in Florida can generally be traced back to states like New York that report around 3,000-5,000 cases per year. Hope this eases your mind a little and I hope you feel better soon.
  15. ^ That is what the Dr here said too, but he said he has had a few cases. Though really, I am not very out door oriented, so I have no idea where I would pick up a tick.

    It is all just weird. I NEVER get rashes and poof, there one is. The stiff neck would usually not worry me, but I find the timing so weird.

    I am leaving in a few minutes, so I will let you all know what I hear.