"Buffing" minor Miroir scuffs

  1. So...I was seeing if my vernis cles will fit inside my pochette with a bunch of other stuff already in there and I guess while I was trying to put the cles with the keys attached I lightly scraped over the backside of my pochette, right underneath the D-ring, so you can't really see it. It was pretty small, maybe 0.3 mm wide, but you can tell it's there because there's a slight indentation where it got scuffed too, so the back of the miroir was distorted in that little area.

    Now, yesterday, I intentionally used my nail and scraped the underside of my miroir tab. (DON'T ask me why, but I figured it'd be okay since it was only the zipper tab and it was on the underside so you wouldn't notice it) It left an obvious scratch and the miroir was indented...so for experimental purposes, I took a corner of my PJs (which is 100% cotton), took the tab, and rubbed my PJs continuously over the tab...and voila! The indentation was gone and today I checked it again and the scratch was gone too.

    So, using this technique, sticking my finger inside the pochette to push out the scuff mark, and using my PJs to rub against the scuff, it took out pretty much the whole scuff AND the indentation is gone!

    Just wanted to share this with you miroir pochette owners (or maybe even those who want to clean off some scuff marks on their clochettes or tabs)...just make sure the cotton doesn't leave thin scratch marks!!!

    I'm off to buffing the miroir some more to make the mark totally disappearl! :nuts:
  2. Thanks for the tip! I've used the velour on my Juicy jackets to do the same thing and it comes out perfectly!
  3. wow! lol MAGIC! *ppoooooof* all gone! congrats lol
  4. i did that with my miroir pochette too! it didnt take out the dents, but it took away the scratches. wow this is such a fragile bag!
  5. congrats!
  6. Great tip. Cotton is a marvel.
  7. Wow, great discovery, huh? ;)
  8. great tip!! enough though I don't own any miroir yet!!
  9. Bumping this thread so Michelle can see it- it may help out on hers
  10. I should try that, thanks.

  11. Aww. Thanks, bumping DID help me find it. I only look at the first page of threads. LOL.

    Thanks again! :flowers:
  12. Good to know. thanks
  13. Awesome! Congrats - Martha Stewart has NOTHING on you grrl. :p :heart:
  14. great find there karman!
  15. nice tip. i dont plan on ever getting any mirior but good to know none the less!