Buffinators Collection

  1. Here is my collection have fun viewing and thanks for looking! I am 14 by the way:woohoo::balloon:
    DSC00416-1.jpg DSC00410-1.jpg DSC00405-1.jpg DSC00406-1.jpg DSC00407-1.jpg
  2. Great collection -love these:
  3. here are more
    DSC00415-1.jpg DSC00409-1.jpg DSC00411-1.jpg
  4. You have a wonderful collection! Thank you for sharing and welcome to tPF!:flowers:
  5. thanks
  6. :heart::heart::yahoo::yahoo:
    DSC00418-1.jpg DSC00419-1.jpg DSC00420-1.jpg
  7. Love the Coach lurex and Longchamp!
  8. wow great collection:heart:
  9. thank everyone for viewing any feedback?!
  10. does anyone have any of the same bags i have?
  11. cute collection!
  12. great collection!! thanks for sharing !!
  13. i have a juicy tote like yours that i use for the beach.
  14. which piece do you like the best and why... I use my juicy tote for the beach too!?;)
  15. nice collection!