Buffalo Wings!

  1. I LOVE BUFFALO wings but my favorite is the recipe from WINGS N THINGS...I keep searching but cannot find any good recipes...anyone know of a mild-medium buffalo wings recipe? =)
  2. I use the recipe on the back of Frank's Red Hot sauce and bake them. They turn out great. You can get it on the Frank's website too. I thought the buffalo wing sauce tasted icky though- I like the regular hot sauce.
  3. thanks for the tip! so you use franks original hot sauce for the buffalo wing sauce? and where can i get the sauce at? just at any grocery store like albertsons or ralphs? thanks!!! i will try it this weekend =)
  4. I think the brand I've bought is Stubb's (I know their BBQ sauces are good), but I don't know how mild it is. I always mix xxx hot Habanero sauce into mine, because I like them way too hot for everyone else :p
  5. As far as actual recipes go, the only restaurant-quality homemade wings I've had were deep fried and sprinkled with salt and pepper, then covered in a mixture of tabasco, melted butter and white vinegar. They were fabulously delicious, but I don't even want to know how much fat they have :shocked:
  6. Any grocery should have it w/ the other hot sauces. I get the original red hot. When you do wings, you add butter to the bottled sauce. Another wing recipe is on the Pioneer Woman Cooking blog and has step by step instructions and pictures for as you go. If you google pioneer woman cooks you'll get her blog.

    Here's a link to the company website that has recipes and other stuff.


  7. Thank You Elizat!!!
  8. HAHA omg i bet they have tons of fat with all that butter!!!
  9. has anyone ever tried making hot wings by using the famous "louisiana hot sauce"? I dont know how good this would be....so i wonder if anyone has tried the recipe (just louisiana hot sauce mixed with butter to coat the chicken..)

    i'm asking b/c as i came home from work to go to the grocery store, my bf told me he bought 2 bottles of louisiana hot sauce! lol....
  10. I am reasonably certain that the recipe that ClaireZk posted... butter, tabasco and white vinegar is pretty much the authentic one. Dean and Deluca list it as the original, authentic wing sauce from the restaurant in Buffalo, NY that invented the dish. The nice thing about it is that you can mix the three ingredients to taste.

    You can also buy at the grocery store a jar of the Hooter's wing sauce... but in my opinion is it way too buttery.
  11. Thanks jchiara & Coac4me! wow i did not know they had a special hooters sauce!
  12. the Hooter's sauce isn't bad... but like I said, way too buttery for my taste. But the way to sauce any kind of wings, whether you bake them or fry them, is to do this... put about a cup of the sauce in a large deep mixing bowl, add about six wings and swirl them around inthe sauce to coat, them remove the wings fromt hebowl with tongs. Repeast, replenishing the sauce in the bowl as necessary.

    Doing it this way ensures the wings get just enough sauce, keeps them from getting soggy and prevents some of them from just sitting in "pool" of sauce (yucky).

    Dh and I learned this from a friend of ours who worked in the kitchen at Hooters years ago.
  13. a cup of the sauce (either the tobasco/vinegar/butter or hooters sauce ?)

    i am salivating and this is making me starving! lol
  14. Yes, you put about a cup of the sauce in at a time. We use the butter/vinegar/tabasco recipe... I think we use about one stick of butter to one-two tablespoons of white vinegar to about a table spoon (or more, to taste) of tabasco. I like mine vinegar-y and tabasco-y... the more tang and heat the sauce has, the more I like it... in fact, my step son and i could probably be happy with just tabasco....