Buffalo Sauce :cry:

  1. I got buffalo sauce on my pastel/white hamptons hobo. On the fabric itself and on the fabric part of the strap. What in the world will get this out? I have NO idea how I accomplished this, since I thought I had my bag out of the danger zone :sad: I just noticed it now, so it's not exactly fresh or anything.
  2. baby wipes?
    and prayer?
  3. You might try the Signature fabric cleaner, too. I've also had very good luck with Shout wipes on fabric bags.
  4. Thanks! I was actually going to ask if Shout wipes could work, hehe.
  5. coach just came out with a fabric cleaner. i just bought it and it seems to work
  6. They suggested this to me when I got the reversible stripe tote today but I declined. It seems to be a new product that works well cause I haven't heard anyone say that it didn't work!
  7. Okay so I went and bought the fabric cleaner.
    Took out my bag- AND CAN'T FIND THE STAINS!
    I know they were there. I showed my mom after we got back from the restaurant.
    Just wow.
  8. Well, now you'll have the cleaner if you need it. ;) I'm glad that the stains aren't there anymore. Maybe it was just a shadow or trick of the light.
  9. huh? you mean they were gone before you used the cleaner?

    count yourself lucky then!

    but i think you said pastel color and white...is it the scribbles? because you can't use it on that fabric.

    the cleaner is only for the signature C's in 12 and 24cm right now, and the optic C's.

    you can't use it on the stripes, as i caught my coworker saying,

    and you can't use it on the cotton fabric, or anyother "signature" stuff unless it's the jaquerd (i'm a horrible speller!) fabric

    they didn't say the mini c's or maybe i missed that, but it should work on it, i'm guessing, that i'll have to double check.
  10. Yes, oddly enough. I sat there staring in disbelief for like 15 minutes.
    And yes, scribbles hobo. Hm so how DO you clean it? My ex told me not to buy it because it would get dirty but I wanted it anyways :P
  11. coach recommends mild soap and cold water

    it's super hard to keep clean b/c of that material, i would treat it like a tee-shirt b/c it's cotton but do NOT put it in the washer, do spot cleans with detergent or shout wipes and see if that helps.
  12. I too have had very good luck with the shout wipes, too....but I also spay my fabric bags with protector.
  13. I've seen pics of the scribble that have gone through the washer. Let's just say I would wake up from that horrible dream. LOL. The material gets soft and the shape is lost.
  14. I would say use baby wipes.
  15. I called the 1-800 number the other day && they told me to use Ivory dish soap && warm water with a tooth brush. it worked