Buff Roni--WOW!

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  1. She arrived this morning and I am just :drool: over this bag! The leather is so soft, the bag is functional and the ease of use is marvelous. Sits on my shoulder well and I couldn't be more pleased. :tup:

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  2. Congrats!! It does hang well, doesn't it? And that hidden zippered pocket in the front is great. The pocket is really deep!

    I'm really glad to hear you love it!
  3. That's a beautiful bag!!!

    GASP - do you think it's true? Kooba has come to our rescue finally???? :jammin:
  4. Do you have any modeling pics? What a gorgeous bag!
  5. The leather looks wonderful!
  6. Ok modeling pics are here! My dear, hairy hubby is the model. :P

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  7. That looks so soft! Hubby did a good job modeling too. It does look like it would sit nicely. Is it a heavy bag?
  8. Grace, it looks fabulous!! I'm really dwelling on this bag, first Kooba in ages, which has made me sit up and pay attention...Is it really light? Butter soft and light?:drool: And it comes in black and ivory..wish I could see it IRL..
  9. Ladies, this bag is like a cloud, it's sooo light and lovely! I really want to load it up but we're supposed to have rain or worse, SNOW :wtf: :rolleyes: tomorrow, and I hate to take her out in that mess! I already Wilsoned her but still!

    Mags, this is YOUR bag! :smile:
  10. Oh, it's gorgeous Grace! I am so happy that this is a positive review for Kooba, and even more happy that you love your Roni! Congrats!!! :party:
  11. Oh, the bag looks soooo smushy soft. It's nice to hear a good Kooba story for once. What do you think of the leather quality? It's so pretty on your husband so I bet it looks even lovlier on you!!
  12. oooooh aaaahhh...I might just have to get me one of these :smile: It is gorgeous! Congrats!
  13. Ooh, the leather looks so supple. I really like hobos so I reckon this style would definitely work for me... if I needed another bag!!! Enjoy her, she looks fab.
  14. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! What do you think of the leather, does it seem super-sensitive?
  15. Gorgeous! The leather looks so soft!