Bueye claims item not received but tracking number says delivered

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  1. Hello,
    I sold a cheap item ( like £5)
    I posted it on Tuesday by tracked courie delivery and according the tracking info it was delivered on Thursday.
    I received an email from the buyer today asking where is the item as not received.
    I responded immediately and sent the tracking number plusalso the screenshot of the courier website showing it was delivered, however they keep insisting that they did not receive it.
    I am extremely honest ebayer so i feel hurt especially when I did all I was suppose to do.
    What do i do now?
    It is only £5 transaction so not a big deal but still...
    Thanks all for an imput.
  2. Have them check with neighbors or family.
    Did you print the label directly from Ebay or Paypal? Ask them if that address is correct.
    Other than that if it shows as delivered you are not responsible. Check their feedback both received and left.
  3. To be honest it's annoying but not worth the hassle of trying to prove the buyer wrong, eBay always sides with the buyer and you will be forced into refund in any case.
    My advice would be to refund the buyer and then block that buyer.
    It's not worth ruining your feedback .....
    eBay is a buyers scam etopia unfortunately ....
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  4. Thank you.
    I googled the address and it looks like remote property in the middle of nowhere.
    I did not print the address through Ebay but used the address they have listed on both Paypal and Ebay.
    I even contacted Ebay and they said it says delivered too but obviously I know that Ebay will say anything..
    The tracking info says it was delivered into a postbox and they say they dont even have a postbox.
  5. Your buyer may not have received the package; ask her/him to contact the post-office ASAP. The package could have been scanned by the delivery person and not delivered yet (or delivered to a different address), this happened to me (and to neighbors) in the past. Fortunately, after many complains, the problem seems to have been fixed in our neighborhood.
  6. It was delivered by courier.
    I contacted the courier just now and they confirmed the delivery.
  7. Way bad advice

    INR Item Not Received is the one thing that is cut and dried in a sellers favor.
    You have proof of delivery. End of story
    you do NOT need to refund.
    I said to check their feedback-----that was to see if there is a history of problem transactions. Stuff like seller made it right, seller was good to work with etc
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  8. Hey fair enough :smile:was just my opinion ...
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  9. Their feedback is ok. Quite low about 30 since 2013.
  10. Poopsie is correct, as long as the tracking info says it was delivered, eBay should find in your favor and close the case. I would suggest to the buyer that they check with neighbors or contact the delivery service themselves for any insight but otherwise you a re very sorry and it is out of your control.
  11. Thank you.
    Thereis not case yet but probably will be, though the item was only £5 plus £3 postage.
    I sent to the buyer a screenshot of the courier website showing the address sent to plus tracking confirming delivered.
    The address is a remote country house/ farm so I would think that the courier would not make a mistake delivering somewhere else.
  12. I had a buyer claim INR on a $60 pair of shoes, and ebay decided in my favor very quickly after one phone call since the tracking showed it was delivered and I shipped to the correct address. I was told they couldn't leave me neg fb or if they did ebay would remove. Stinks for the buyer If it's legitimately lost, but ultimately you're not responsible.
  13. Ebay likely will decide in your favor since delivery has been confirmed but its annoying
    to have a package delivered & not have the buyer receive it.

    Keep us posted
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  14. Update:
    Just got email from the buyer saying parcel turned up today and they are happy.
    Even left feedback already.( it puzzles me where the parcel was as tracking info said delivered on Thursday lunchtime)
    Thanks everyone for kind help.
  15. Great news!!
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