Buer asks after auction to underdeclare value....

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  1. I just sold a bag and when the buyer initiated payment quickly I was thrilled....then I get an email 'Can you declare value for XX' even though the value was xxxx.

    Here is my issue. I will not under declare the value for obvious reasons but I want the sale to go through. I need the money. I don't want to waste time going to a NPB case and I don't want to do a mutual cancellation since I did nothing wrong. But if the buyer is angry how do I know she might not say there is something wrong with the bag or damages it?

    What should I do?
  2. Simple.. tell her NO. Then tell her to read about this bag that was undeclared and has now been confiscated by customs and seller may lose the bag to confiscation, buyer could be prosecuted...?? http://forum.purseblog.com/ebay-forum/help-i-sent-bag-australia-buyer-customs-wants-552948.html

    Tell her NO and that if she wishes to cancel because of that to DO IT NOW. You are very better off to cancel than to be in a predicament such as in this other thread.

    Put in your auctions that you WILL NOT under declare/under insure.
  3. Yep did include in listing that any customs or duties are not the responsiblity of the seller.

    Gosh I have had the worst run with selling bags at the moment. I think I will think very long and very hard before I buy another bag.
  4. Yes, I know. Ebay is now to a point that the best one can do is simply pick the lesser of the evils.....
  5. Sad but true EM. The only silver lining is I'm SO cured of buying bags and ebay.
  6. Absolutely tell your buyer NO.
    I much rather cancel the transaction than going thru a possible nightmare.
  7. I have said no. Should I just leave it at that or should I just straight out offer to cancel? If I don't offer I'm worried she might scam me if I do offer and she accepts then I'm stuck with selling again....which will be my third time with this bag ....

    Should I contact ebay and ask them what to do?
  8. Tell your buyer NO. relist your item or second offer.
  9. Did she say that she won't buy it unsless you underdeclare?
    Sh emight still be interested, and just testing the waters, she might not know about the current drama taking place in the customs in Australia as linked to above....

    If need be, send her the link to read all about it. If she has any wits about her, she will also want to avoid such a predicament...
  10. Obviously you know my answer here LOL.

    She has already paid for the bag. You stated in your lsiting you will not mark a low value so she has agreed to that by buying your bag. I would see how she responds to the NO... I would then remind her that ebay is a binding contract. All else fails, file a NPB strike against her and relist.
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    If it were me I'd tell her no and then offer to cancel. However, you could just politely say no and see how she responds first and take it from there.

    ETA: I see you've told her no, IMHO pushing through a sale with an unhappy buyer never ends well, so I would still wait and see what her response to your 'no' sounds like. She may still want the bag and be happy to receive it. If she kicks up a fuss I would save myself the hassle and offer to cancel.

  12. Absolutely tell your buyer NO.If she is going to press you for this,

    you probably will be better off cancelling the transaction. Potential headache

    in the making...
  13. I would send her a polite email reminding her that you cannot lower the declared value and asking her if she still wants to proceed with the transaction. If her response is understanding and supportive - then great. If not, I would just cancel. Painful but probably a lesser evil.
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    Woody for the future just block any country with high customs Duty. Australia is lucky with the AU$1000 approximate tax free zone. But Canadian kicks in at roughly $40, the US$200 and the EU is at about $60. US seems to be lenient but they do strike hard sometimes. Someone can chime in and fix up the figures here. I know all about it because I get dinged on shipping all the time for refusing to mark down the values. Australia has the most generous allowance of all of the countries around, so you guys are luckier than most. I spend so much time explaining that customs duty is part of the deal to bidders. Your buyer is being most unfair by dropping this on you after the auction closes.
    Hope you get a nice buyer soon.
  15. After I said no to the buyer about under declaring the value she responded nicely that she understood. I proceeded to offer to do a mutual cancellation because on balance as I have considered all of your thoughts, its best to have a happy buyer. I've not heard anything back now.

    I'm so annoyed about it because I knew this person was interested and I knew people had problems with Germany before but she had great feedback so I let it go.

    SM - I def need to take the time to learn how to set up all the buyer blocks on country and NPB's etc. It seems like it will be worth the trouble in the long run to get ebay to actually work for me.

    Thanks for all your support, its nice to be able to get advice from other people who understand whereas my husband would just be mad about the bag in the first place!