Buenaventura Suggestions/Help

  1. Thank you to all that responded to my previous thread, but especially thanks to peanutbabycakes I now want a buenaventura. But before I step into hermes, what is there to know about this messenger bag? Colors options, materials, sizing? Thanks for all your help in advance!
  2. Is there anybody out there?
  3. wich one are you looking to get? the larger size one? I personally don't like it I could so see you with a black birkin:p
  4. I'm thinking of probably getting the biggest size. Something close to the size of the mongram abbesses. Umm....I would want perhaps a HAC but I wouldn't get a birkin, I'll leave it to the ladies to rock their birkins.
  5. Yeah Mr.. I don't see you as the Birkin toting kind of guy. The only reason I would have one is for travel...I'd get the 50 cm or something. I'm thinking just get the Black/Barenia Buenaventura: It's seems the most popular version: Mr. LaVan and Mr. PBC both have it!
  6. when i was at the store, i had no idea they had any other sizes or colors. i just told my SA i wanted the messenger bag that i saw on the mannequin a few months back. didn't even know the name of it. i also saw that it came in a briefcase style (on display), but was only looking for messenger style for DH. it's lightweight and has 3 separate interior compartments with a big zippered on in the middle. there are lil pouches attached to the outside of this zippered part for pens/pencils and cell phone, etc.
  7. Thanks PBC! I think that will be my first H bag! What you thinking Mr.?
  8. I've seen it in 2 sizes, I hazard a guess of PM and GM. The color combinations looked to be black chamonix/black canvas and natural barenia/brown canvas.
  9. the one i bought for DH is the GM size. and as mentioned before, u can slip a laptop in it.