budget friendly cosmetics

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  1. I'll start!

    I love the CO Bigelow lip products from bath & body works. All under $10!

    I like rose salve that comes in those cute little tins too!
  2. mario bedescu and dr. wexler from bath and body works..........and clinique
  3. I like Neutrogena and Almay, they're super cheap at Walgreens or CVS. I usually buy their mascara and eye makeup remover. Most everything else I use is Clinique or MAC.
  4. Loreal VOLUMINOUS
  5. OOPS, I didn't get to finish...
    Voluminous Mascara, by Loreal. I swear it's the best!
  6. The Body Shop has nice stuff, and it's fair trade!
  7. Aveda is awesome (my favorite) because it is all natural and relatively inexpensive. Clinique is also a great deal; I purchased foundation there yesterday for $18.50!
  8. Maberline Mascara is a must have for my cosmetic bag.
  9. Dr. Hauschka is a German herbal cosmetic which you can buy in the pharmacy and everything is under 15€
  10. i love bare minerals and covergirl
  11. neutrogena is a fave
  12. The HGs: Maybelline Great Lash Clear, Gel liners, Color Tattoos, & F&S mascara, Revlon Growluscious mascara, Superlustrous lipsticks & CB glosses, Annabelle lip liners, Marcelle BB cream, NYC setting powder & Sunny bronzer, Prestige eyeliners & My Biggest Lashes mascara
  13. I love everything by loreal! Their true match is comparable to mac foubdation and their hip line is def comparable to mac's gel eyeliner and eyeshadows.
  14. ^ I've never purchased drug store cosmetics and sure appreciate reading everyones recommendations. In fact for the first time in years I wanders to the cosmetic section at CVS and was pleasantly surprised that the loreal foundation has samples you could try. I know matching foundation is what led me to the department stores and how refreshing to see things have changed.
    I look forward to saving money and getting good products :smile:
  15. I was pleasantly surprised by Rimmel 25 Hour Lasting foundation. Good coverage and lasted really well. Didn't sink into pores or lines either. I got it at Walgreen's for about $6 bucks. Their mascaras are decent too.

    I also really like one of Physician's Formula's eye shadow strips. I think it's the one for hazel eyes. There's a silvery taupe color in there that really makes my eyes pop.