Budget and options.

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  1. hello hermes lovers,

    if i have only 5000usd budget for a bag, what are my options?
    could i get a hermes bag with this amount of money?

    thank u.
  2. i prefer new bag. :smile: yes i saw the list already.

    but maybe different leather have different pricing?
    i think my options are only the smallest lindy?
  3. What about a Picotin or Evelyne? Those are well below your budget cap.
  4. is there any kelly bag that fits my budget? maybe with the cheapest leather?

  5. Wouldn't you rather buy a bag with a leather you love, instead of settling for the cheapest leather? Sorry, I don't mean to offend but I think that you will get more enjoyment if you get the bag you love.

    Maybe reconsider getting a pre-owned kelly? Some are in great condition (and sending out for a spa can do wonders) and the prices are very reasonable. GL
  6. can i get a pre owned birkin at 5k? :smile:
    yes, i rather get the bag design that i love rather than the leather. so i am looking for cheaper leather to fit my budget for the bag i like... does that makes sense?
  7. No new Kellys for that price. And doubtful you can find a Birkin in good condition for $5000 either. There are a lot of other bags at or below that price point - garden party, picotin, double sens, Evelyne, cabag, Herbag zip, Goodnews and more.
  8. If you are happy to go the reseller route, you could get a Kelly with US$5k.
  9. OK, then what is the bag design that you love?
  10. I've been scoping out pre-owned Birkins for years and I've never seen one in good condition for $5K. The lowest price I've seen is $7K-8K. As the other ladies have mentioned, you definitely could find a pre-owned Kelly for $5K or under.
  11. The OP has said she wants a new bag, and it sounds like by bag, she really means a Birkin or a Kelly. In which case, the only course of action is to keep saving, I'd think.
  12. What about the Kelly Pochette or Kelly Longue - both should be under $5k. They are more clutches than bags though.