Budapest - Vienna - Prague ... 1st Time tips

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  1. Hubby and I will be heading to these three cities in a couple months. We have two days in Budapest ... train to Vienna for just one night/one full day ... then train to Prague for 3 days. We are very fast tourists/easily bored. Lol

    Questions for anyone who can answer:

    - Is Uber common/reliable in any of these cities?
    - How common is English in touristy areas? How about credit card usage?
    - Any recommendations for getting from airport in Budapest to city center? How about to/from train stations?
    - Can’t miss touristy things in each city? How about touristy things not worth the time/money/effort?

    Any other tips and recommendations are appreciated!
  2. I visited these cities last year! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time. About the specific questions you posted -
    1. We took Uber in Vienna, but for Budapest, you will have to use local apps (e.g. Taxify). You can find other apps too - just google.
    2. We had no problem communicating in English in the central tourist areas in all these cities.
    3. I would suggest carrying a certain amount of cash in Prague and Budapest - we found that a few bars, restaurants, etc did not accept credit cards. No problems in using cards for shopping though.
    4. We had a very early morning flight out of Budapest, so we took a cab to the airport. We arrived in the city by train, and we were able to take the local underground train to get to our hotel from the main train station.
    5. Touristy things to do - it really depends on what you like. Vienna has some lovely cathedrals, museums and palaces. In Budapest there are magnificent buildings on both sides of the river (Fishermans Bastion, Parliament, etc). Prague has a beautiful 'old town' and castle. All 3 cities have fantastic food and drink I wish I was back there :smile:
  3. If you can, try to spend more time in Vienna.
    Prague is beautiful, especially the Old Town. It can get crowded quite easily. Most people speak English, so you should be fine.
    Bring coins and notes with you, cause their are train ticket machines that don't accept cards. I found this in Prague- it was an awkward winter night for me, lol!
    Budapest- worth catching the taxi, maybe.
    See the old towns in the cities, in Vienna see the palaces. Try to tick off 'the big three'- The Hofburg, Shronbrunn Palace & St. Stephen's Cathedral. You don't have to see them all, but at least one.
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  4. Uber in Vienna is quite common, and Prague is more of a walking place so bring comfortable walking shoes and be prepared to walk A LOT. I would bring some cash for sure, but most places (except for smaller bars and restaurants) take credit cards. English is spoken everywhere, so def won’t need to worry about that. Prague has a few minchelin stars restaurants, def worth visiting (and not to mention, prices are GREAT). Just have to make reservations fast, as seatings are limited (unless you opt to start at 9:30). Have fun!!!
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    I love to travel so much!
  6. In Budapest, something tourists really love which isn't regarded as anything "special" by locals are their beautiful parks! Especially in summer, the green grass looks so beautiful! And there are SO many fountains everywhere! It really feels like a magical summer paradise :smile:
    If you want to chill out and have a cocktail, the Raqpart bar is a very cool spot to enjoy a drink with a nice view onto the Danube :smile:

    As for Vienna, if you only have very limited time, this is how you get the best of both worlds - stick to the red subway line "U1". The U1 station "Stephansplatz" will take you to the heart of the city: Beautiful St. Stephan's Cathedral and within 2 minute walking distance, you will find Longchamp, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermés, Gucci, Dior, Karl Lagerfeld, Furla, the list goes on!

    Further out from the city centre -but still along the red U1 line- is the station "Kaisermühlen Vienna International Center". Around this area, you can rent paddle or motor boats if you want to experience the Danube. This station is also near the "Donaupark" - if you make reservations early enough, you can book a table at the restaurant which is located hiiigh up on the tower (Donauturm) in the park. If you fancy having lunch with a view across all of Vienna :smile:
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  7. I am starting to map things out and getting so excited!

    What about food? Any “must eats” in each area? Things you can’t leave the city without trying? We are staying very central in all three areas so it looks like easy walks or transportation to the big sights so far.
  8. I love all 3 towns, Vienna is great especially the inner city, in Budapest you want to go to the Hotel Gellert and eat on the terrace, not cheap cheap but not really outrageously expensive, maybe spend a day in the spa belonging to the hotel... They have fabulous local cuisine, but I find it a bit heavy. Hungarian wines are also very very good

    Btw if the violin players annoy you, tip them and they start playing at another table

    In Vienna you have to try their Sacher torte (a cake) and maybe some of their desserts, also try some of the local wines
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