Buckley's anyone?

  1. Has anyone used the Buckley's line of cough/cold products? I was recently introduced to them, and I think that they work pretty well. The downside is, it takes like liquified VapoRub (at least that's what I imagine VapoRub tasting like).
  2. I used to use Buckley's all the time, I find the horrid taste only lasts for a minute, and then its very soothing.
  3. Buckley's is the only thing that works for me if I want to function like a normal human being during the cold season here in Canada.
    The after taste is horrible :yucky: but a glass of cranberry juice right after does the trick.
    The night time cough syrup is great, knocks you out and lets you have a good night sleep.
    I also found the buckley's day/night caplets for cold (I get really bad sinus headaches) to work great and you don't have to take the syrup.:yes: