buckle on the classic flap

  1. so, i know i'm probably crazy, but this is my first chanel, so maybe you won't think i'm a total nut.

    my friend was looking at my new bag today, and tried to open the flap without "untwisting" the lock (it's the CC lock)! i caught her in time (i hope) and untwisted it for her.

    here's my question, i've then noticed that the buckle has a bit of a "spring" to it (i.e. if you pull the flap, the lock pulls up a bit, but automatically retracts)...i think this is part of the bag, and not any damage she's done...right? :sad:
  2. :smile:Mine does the same, so sleep easy
  3. thanks south :yahoo:! i just about had a heart attack when i saw her do that...she was pretty rough with my bag so..thought i'd make sure! i'm so glad we have something like tPF to ask these "crazy" questions!
  4. I can imagine your distress. I was at a business dinner and the VP of my company was telling a story about back pain. She grabbed my black jumbo caviar flap and put it behind her lower back to show how she had to put a pillow behind her back to relieve the pain:wtf: I almost blew my stack! And she leaned back against my jumbo for about 3 minutes. I was totally steaming inside and the thing is I thougt she of anyone at the table would know about Chanel:cursing:
  5. A similar experience :I had put my bag (an LV Damier papillion) on the side of a sofa so it won't bother anyone who wanted to sit down.Until a...friend found it OK to seat on the sofa's edge and on my bag :mad:!!!Let's be aware of some "friends" of ours!:wtf: Glad your CC lock is OK!:smile: