Bucket in Damier or Epi?

  1. Hello--my first post, so please bear with me!

    I been planning on getting a Cabas Piano (am 5'1" and very slim, so the Mezzo would probably be too large), but then saw a woman with a Damier bucket the other day and fell in love--it was so cute!

    Now I am debating whether to get a bucket. A tote is so much more practical, but we're not always practical, are we ;) (unforturnately I can't get both right now)

    Here's my questions for anyone who has owned/considered a bucket--does it get too frustrating, having that vertical shape? Because of the open top, do you worry about having things stolen out of it while shopping?

    And, does anyone have pictures of the bucket in epi? I have looked at it on elux, but I get such a better idea about the bags from pictures I've found on this forum of people wearing their bags.

    Thanks in advance--I love this forum!
  2. Damier! I love the checkerboard squares' contrast to the rounded bucket shape.
  3. Epi! Love the look on leather :smile:.
  4. damier! :biggrin:
  5. The Damier is gorgeous:heart:
  6. Hi- I have a mono bucket and it was my first bag. I LOVE it and there is no fear of having anything stolen because the top part of it flattens under my arm. It isn't frustrating at all, except that I would recommend a small Purseket so you don't have to dig around for everything. Just keep your wallet at the bottom and you'll be fine. You can hold on to the straps as you're walking, so you're fine. Just keep the straps at a proper length.

    I would love a bucket bag in epi- which color are you planning on? The damier is too dark for me, but it's gorgeous in that shape. I saw the Vernis bucket bag yesterday, too. The colors are so vividly beautiful, especially in the red!

    I don't have pics of me wearing it but there are others who have posted pictures of theirs- just do a search for petit bucket.
  7. I have it in Damier and it's gorgeous :love: (ok, my opinion is biaised here, but you better go to the shop and try both... Epi gives you more choice of colours....)
  8. it's so beautiful in the damier.
  9. Thanks for all your replies! Especially for the details, Janos614. Looks like Damier is winning (and with the difference in price, I could get a little wallet . . .)

    I hope to try both on tomorrow, but am obsessing about it in the mean time (wish I could get over there today!) I think the Damier would go with everything, but a fun color in epi would be such a fresh change of pace for me.

  10. I had a bucket and returned it. It was cute, but too small for me. As soon as I put my wallet in, there wasn't much room left--maybe I just carry too much.
    I have a cabas piano and like it very much!!
  11. I have the damier bucket, and it is beautiful. I like the cosmetic purse that comes with it. I don't think you will see too many people with this purse. It is not as popular as other bags b/c it doesn't close at the top.


    one strap falls down sometimes
    it is smaller than my speedy 30 and petite noe, so i have get rid of stuff when I switch bags