Bucket Bags: Burberry vs Mansur Gavriel

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  1. Hi,

    I must have a thing with bucket bags. I already have an Hermes Picotin Lock and still find myself lusting for these 2 buckets bags:
    1. Burberry Medium Susanna Canvas Check Print
    2. Mansur Gavriel Mini Rosa

    I attached a photo of these 2 purses with a mod shot with it for your reference.

    Burberry is mostly canvas, while MG is leather, and price point for both are almost close to each other. I would appreciate any of your inputs before I find myself buying both

  2. Both are pretty, but I think MG have overplayed their hard to get-card - if I was in the market for a bucket bag, I'd look for something in that same lovely pink color but skip paying MG prices. Or go for the Burberry, which is a durable, classic British take on the theme.
  3. I like the Burberry better but then it reminds me of my Burberry which I've had a long time and I'm so proud of it (now my dance bag)

    What's the closure on the Burberry?

    The MG seems a bit small :shrugs:
  4. #4 Mar 28, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2016
    Burberry closure is a hook clasp, see attached:

  5. I vote Burberry - very attractive bag with some sense of design and a classic, for sure!
  6. Thanks to you all for confirming my first choice. I had my heart set first on the Burberry but got distracted with the soft pink color of MG
  7. :tup: