Bucket Bag Question

  1. hi i wanted to get the smaller bucket bag but i wanted to see what the cosmetic pouch looked like....if anyone has pics can you post them?? and also i did a search but i couldnt find any pics of the pouch. thanks guys.
  2. Go visit louisvuitton.com and find it under city bags and then under monogram canvas. They have a good picture of the bag and the accessory pouch.:yes:
  3. i did...you can only see if from a far....when you click on that bag it doesnt show it again. im kinda looking for a better pic....is it the same as that mini pochette??
  4. I don't own a Bucket, but the pouch is very similar to the Mini Pochette. Hope that helps.
  5. thanks
  6. I have the Black Epi Bucket PM. Here are a couple of pics that show the size of the pouch it comes with.

    Next to a Damier cles and next to a pochette accessories. I hope this helps.
    bucketpouch.jpg bucketpouch2.jpg
  7. does anyone have pics of the monogram one? and thanks truegem.
  8. Here is a picture that I found on eBay. HTH
  9. ayla is right the new ones looks like a mini version of the accessories pouch il take a photo of my bucket
  10. heres a pic of the new bucket's mini pochette :smile:
  11. thanks guys. with that i think i will get the damier one (well....ill add it to the list...eventually ill get it lol)
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