Buck Leather, Vintage Leather - confused

  1. :shrugs:


    I've read & searched this forum and it seems you shouldn't use moisturizer on the Legacy Vintage Leather...right??

    But on the coach website, they say to use moisturizer on the Legacy Buck Leather. Does this mean different leathers are use in the Legacy line? And how would you know the difference?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. from what i understand (someone correct me if i'm wrong)- but there' s a NEW legacy (the ones with the stripes inside) and an OLD legacy (all leather).

    seems like this legacy (Coach - RAMBLER'S LEGACY) would be the one you would use that moisturizer on. not the current one:Coach - LEGACY LEATHER SATCHEL

    i think you just have to know the bag you have...or go to coach and see what they say!
  3. I believe you are correct, Kallison. The "original" Legacy leather from years back, and also on the Coach.com "classics" collection leather is what the Coach moisturizer was originally designed for. :yes:
  4. kallison & bjara

    thanks for your answers. I love how a nice leather feels. Do you think it would hurt to moisturize the new legacy leather bags anyway?

    I will also check with the SA when I make my purchase.

    Reading about everyone else's buys has really gotten me hyped up :nuts:
  5. DO NOT moisturize the new legacy leather!

    it gets better with age! it will get smooshy and great with use!
  6. Yeah, the more recent Legacy collections and vintage leathers, you are NOT supposed to use moisturizer on. The only bag I own that can be moisturized is the new Soho Leather Large Satchel. *L* All the others they've told me I can't. It seems I'm attracted to the same kind of leather.
  7. thats good to know. I won't take any chances then.
  8. I wouldn't...although two SA's at Coach told me that they moisturized their shoulder zips in whiskey.

    I did however spray both my whiskey and black Mandy with Wilson's leather/suede spray when I first got them. I didn't affect either at all.