Bubbly versus non bubbly spy ?

  1. I saw that some of the early spys 05 or early 06 are a lot smoother and the new ones rather bubbly which do you prefer?
    Since i am still looking for my first spy I am not shure which way to go.
  2. I like both... the older ones are kinda nice because they will have bubbly areas and smoother areas, and I like the variation. Some people think of it as a defect, though. I really don't agree.
  3. Bubbles always bubbles, do not like flat spys at all, the bubbles give the spy character.
  4. I really prefer Spy with bubbles,'cause I've never seen other bags with this typical leather.
  5. I like them both. The older smooth spys are soft and more sensual to the touch - really enjoy holding them. The bubbly ones are interesting and a novel look...after a bit of use they soften up a tad as well.;)
  6. I like the bubbly ones, I think it adds character to the spy!!! For some reason to me the smooth ones looks like a fake!!
  7. I like textured/bubbly spy.
  8. i prefer the bubbly one as well
  9. I love my first season Spy from summer 2005! I consider it a rare beauty, although I appreciate the bubbly ones too.

    Fendi Spy.JPG
  10. So is this considered bubbly or smooth???

  11. Hmmmm just to be awkward and different PLEATED :nuts:
  12. Lo -- it looks smooth to me. What year is it? I'd guess 2005 (last 3 #s on leather strip - 05_ ) cognac like Cosmos....:confused1: Bet its really soft...:p
  13. Seems not too bubbly, but not entirely smooth either. Def not as smooth as the one pictured above it! It IS very soft though. I'm not sure what year it is since I bought it used. Last 3 numbers are 069.
  14. That is a 2006. They get soft with use. Sometimes the camera does not pick out the bubbles very well.

    Here is a link to SAICH2s collection...she is the biggest BUBBLE mavin in our group :nuts::

  15. Ditto. Like both for different reasons. Older, smooth leather lookes more vintagey and has a great drape. Falls like silk. Bubbly ones are unique to Spy bags (haven't seen anything like it on any other bag) and add so much dimension and character. I love them both.

    Cosmo's vintagey, soft, smooth Spy is TDF!!!!:drool: