Bubbling Wallet?

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  1. My compact bearn is only a few months old and I noticed a bubble in the billfold not too long ago, but I just let it go. Now, there are 2 bubbles back there and it is getting me a little concerned... Is this normal wear and tear or does it need the H docs?
  2. Oh dear, this is definitely not normal wear and tear. I have a couple (chevre) bearns (both compact & japonaise) and NEVER had this problem. Send it in for a "physical" ASAP and good luck!
  3. I've never had this problem. Mine is nearly five years old and used very regularly. You should take to H.
  4. Sounds defective. take it back to H they will take care of it
  5. Yikes, send it pronto.
  6. ITA. i have no such bubbling.
  7. Thanks everyone, what do you think H will do?
  8. Who knows? Maybe they will have it fixed or replace it for you altogether. But that definitely doesn't sound normal.
  9. UPDATE- I took my wallet to H. They did deem it a defect and it is in New York for a couple weeks... :sad: I was going to buy a new one today but the colors i like werent available in the leather or hardware i wanted.