Bubbles LE??

  1. I just visited LV at Yorkdale in Holt's because I wanted to buy a bubble ring. The SA told me that they have none left ANYWHERE and that they were only produced for Valentine's day. I almost said to him, "oh thats strange because they are on eluxury" but i just decided to walk away (I wish eluxury shipped to canada:sad: ).....I have a feeling he was pulling my leg, but I could be wrong? I feel like this one specific SA always gives me attitude when I go there, maybe because I am "younger." Does anyone know if they are LE?
  2. I would think bubbles is a one season produce item? There are some left, but LV stop making them already. Some one correct me if i am wrong :smile:
  3. How about trying a different SA? The Bubbles are LE/seasonal/not permanent, whatever you wanna call them, so I believe LV has stopped producing them. But there surely must be some left around! Maybe Canada didn't get as many as the US did? :shrugs: I've seen a few pieces at my boutique everytime I've been there (haven't been there in the past month though).
  4. They are still on elux so they aren't "unavailable" per say....I would call the store and ask another sales person.
  5. that may be true in TORONTO! but you should've asked the SA to do a charge send. Montreal has several of them, I know, because I was having one of those impulse-buy-days and my SA was showing them to me a few days ago before she left for NY (that b!tch!!!! lol so jealous...lol). bottom line: ask for a charge send:yes:

    PS: they are seasonal I think... but seasonal basically means LE to me...
  6. i know some LV SA in TO are having attitudes. That's why I perfer to order over the phone. I would advice you to call the 866#, usually they are nice (or because the calls may be recorded?) try that.
  7. i wanted one too- when i went to holt edmonton they said they're sold out of it but she said that there are new colors coming out in spring/summer...
  8. Like others have said the Bubbles line is seasonal.
  9. You might want to try calling the 866 number or another SA to do a stock check for you.. I've seen them in stores recently, I don't think it's sold out yet!
  10. Yeah definitely try having an SA call around to different stores. I don't see why they'd all be gone yet, my store has had a couple of the colors for quite awhile.
  11. My boutique does not have any left.
  12. Maybe you can call to the Bloor St. location...... most of the staves there are nice..... well.... Yorkdale HR SA does give attitude sometimes.... so I never go and purchase in HR Yorkdale....... If they don't have any in stock also.... maybe you can tell them to search for you...

    Bubbles are seasonal.... if eluxury still have left over, then you can get it from them (in US)... however, once it's all gone... then it's probably done..... but sometimes they do receive new shipment after.....
  13. So, I have an update to this situation. I finally called the Bloor boutique today because last night I had a dream that they had some:p ...and low and behold, my dream was right! The SA said that they have many, and in all of the colours! I feel like I was lied to by this other SA (for all of you that know the Yorkdale ones, its the man with the ponytail). I dont get why he doesnt even give me a chance *sigh*. Oh well, at least another nice SA will get my business, and I will get my ring:yahoo: