Bubbles is back!! TRIP Summary and aftermath!!

  1. Hey gals,

    SO I'm Back from my trip but i haven't been around much because I FELL SICK!!! UUURRRRGH!! i hate being sick!! especially when i need to look for a job too!!! URGH bad timing!!!

    I'm coughing, spluttering, lots of urrggggy phelgm,body aches, feverish and the whole works!!! :tdown:

    About the trip, It was a nice break to get away from things a little and think about things. no epiphany about things tho. =P

    Can you guess where i went?


    I went to see a bunch of casinos... Nope i'm not a gambler but i love hanging out at vegas and i wanted to see how different/similar the casinos in this location was... seeing the wynn was soooo comforting coss the building loks exactly like the one in vegas!! but the inside made me a little disoriented coss it looks like a mish mash of the bellagio (which i love) and the venetian!! (OK i love em both)

    The other pic is a pic of the disney train. unfortunately it was waaaay too hot so I decided not to go into the disney park. i hung around at the disney hotels and gift shops instead. LOL!!! there was this really cute POOH snowglobe but it was big and expensive so i had to give it a miss.

    SHOPPING: well i window shopped ALOT !!! LOL it was a tad depressing coss i would pick something up and go "URGH, 1,500 for the top, can't afford it !!!"... there were these lovely missoni tops i really wanted but they were unaffordable!! Booo hooo

    the MJ boutique had a 40% sale and the white and lavender MP and venetia were sooo beautiful but couldn't bring any home with me. sob. unfortunately they wouldn't let me take a pic of the store =P

    What i did end up buying was little pouches and handicrafts that were somewhat locally made and affordable.

    there's another aspect of "shopping" but i won't write about that till you gals have guessed/disclosed the location of my trip.HEHEHE

    Eating: I ate well, and ate alot of local food at the small roadside stalls. it was cheap and i made sure everything i ate was cooked so thank goodness i didn't get food poisoning!!

    those of you that have been following my work situation will recall that i mentioned that some of the senior people from an ex company went around saying things about me but i couldn't clear things up cos i didn't know what they told to whom SO...

    part of the purpose of the trip was to "smoothen the past". 2 ex colleagues were there and i emailed both to try to meet up. the one that i really wanted to meet with was traveling so i never got the chance to sort things out with M. I wanted to tell her that I don't know what was said and while it's been awhile, and i can't clear it up with everyone, I'd like to tell her my side of the story and clarify anything. I could have handled certain parts of the situation better but the way they treated me was incredibly vicious and uncalled for. (ok I would have left this last part out!!)

    But I met the other, who we will call K, for dinner.

    We used to work very long hours and all i can say is that i am a complete horror when i don't get my sleep!!! I was easily irritable and high strung and a total stress bomb!!!

    I like K and i think she's a nice person and i wanted her to know that the high strung irritable me wasn't the real me. I guess i just didn't want her to think i was a monster you know?

    anyway we had a brief catch up over dinner. I didn't say what i wanted to so straight forward but i did say something like, "OMG remember those days? I was so sleep deprived and I was just a monster!!!" I guess i can take comfort in the fact that since K replied to my email, i wasn't that much of a monster! LOL

    Somehow i feel better knowing that she was willing to meet me and i got to hint to her that it wasn't the real me.

    K has stayed with the same company and risen through the ranks and on one hand seeing her put together in a nice suit and bag made me somewhat envious. just as i often wonder, maybe i should have just put my head down and taken the crap and i'd be in a nice suit with a nice paycheck as well instead of my current limbo state.

    It was only when I saw an ex classmate when i was having dinner that I was like "I feel like such a failure!!". she was on a date, drinking champagne wearing a missoni top (that i can't afford!!) and carrying a $3K bottega bag. I scruffled up my hair so it covered my face in hopes that she wouldn't recognize me coss I was in a GAP t shirt and pants and carrying an old gucci bag:wtf: i opted for the least expensive 3 course dinner while she had the full works. the contrast between us made me feel like a total failure!! URGH:push:

    ANYWAY, that was a digression. this calling on people out of the blue to "explain myself" may sound somewhat strange...

    But i've been trying to straighten things out from the past....

    So that's my trip. no cute guys involved though. BLEH

    Mickey Mouse Windows.JPG

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  2. I don't have a guess as to where you went, but glad it was a nice break for you! Hope you are feeling better soon!
  3. Welcome back Bubbles!!!
    We missed you.
    Your trip sounds like fun. I have no clue where you went though. -- But you are so hard on yourself. The others from your old job have probably forgotten all about the unpleasant thing that happened. And they probably just chalked it up to inexperience in the first place. As far as comparing yourself to others, I do the same thing sometimes. Ugh. I hate when I do that. But, you know, I always snap out of it when I remember how tired and cranky I was all the time. I didn't have enough time to spend any of the money I was earning. I had no time for a relationship. I didn't eat well. And my stress level was off the charts. Now my life is much less glamourous but I'm happy. :yes:
  4. Glad you had a great time! Hope you feel better.:flowers:
  5. Hey La Miss,

    AWww how sweet of you to tell me you miss me!!

    Now, tell me how MUCH you missed me....:roflmfao: LOL!!

    Yeah i know i'm hard on myself. my therapist used to tell me that all the time too HEH. for some reason, that's so wired in me... so hard for me to switch my yard stick....

    I'm glad you're happier now with your current situation!!:yahoo: that is always good!

    I changed jobs so i'd have more time (that was my last job), and WHOOPS, it was huge disaster - Boss from HELL!!:wtf:

    anyway my nasal passages are all choked up and my throat is hurting crazy so this is the last post before i take some meds and crawl into bed for relief =)

    talk to ya soon!

    PS: answer to where i went is in the post below....


    The Wynn is in Macau - Yep all the away on the other end of the globe. it's always been a casino city but recently Wynn set up shop there and The Venetian and MGM are being built right now... the local casinos are very different from the posh polished style of the Wynn etc. They have localized some of the casino games. there was a SPIN THE WHEEL version and a BIG SMALL game. (i've no idea how the latter is played. it looked like some variation of roulette..)

    The Disney train is located in Hong Kong. It was too hot for me to hang around the park and i was ok with not going in coss its the smallest disney park. the train was really cute thought with the mickey windows!!!

    I also went to Shanghai - my first time there! actually most of the places i went to were touristy and very modern. lots of malls, cafes, restaurants, some temples..

    it's completely unruly. the concept of lines do not exist and I got REALLY MAD that i would stand there to try to buy something and people would just push me out/away!!! the vehicles also do NOT stop for the green man. coming from NYC, i should be less shocked by this but at least in NYC, the taxis do sometimes try to kill you but they DO stop for the green man!!!

    Going to Shanghai/China was a real eye opening experience!

    and needless to say, there were fakes EVERYWHERE!! (of course i didn't buy any fake bags!!!)

    it was impossible to buy a local original item. I came across a handful of older american guys who were selectively buying bags and wallets and i was so tempted to screm and shout at them

    "so YOU"RE one of those FAKE sellers on eBay trying to scam my TPF sisters!!! TAKE THAT :bagslap:!!!"

    Ok I didn't have the guts. =P

    they have lots of ppl on the roads trying to get tourists to see their stuff. this woman keept harassing me even after i said NO like 10 times!! she decided to follow me and then at one point she looked at my gucci and went, "your bag is real!"

    I was like DUH. at that point, i was a little worried she might think i'm loaded since i'm carrying an authentic bag and try to mug me LOL. thankfully, she just left me alone after making that observation! =)

    Ok that's my other story for now... i'm feeling sick and miserable... :crybaby:need to take comfort in my bed
  7. Welcome back! :smile:

    It sounds like you had a good time and made some sort of peace with an ex co-worker. Do not feel bad about your situation compared to theirs...a job transition can happen to anyone at anytime, and that's just where you are at right now: in transition taking care of you and looking for the right job. Hang in there!

    So sorry to hear you are sick, but hope you get better soon!
  8. take care bubbles, take comfort in knowing your tpf sisters are with u.There is nth wrong with wearing a gap shirt and gucci bag that is past season as long as you're a fine person beneath it. You're going to be better from now on. :flowers:
  9. so good to have you back, bubbles. A change of scenery can be good for us even if there is no epiphany. I like that you are taking care of things from the past that bother you--"cleaning your side of the street"--that's all we can do; what others do is beyond our control. Way to go!

    Your past decisions were made with what you knew at the time. No one has a crystal ball to see the future. Good luck with everything today! Then tomorrow, and on and on. You have so much to offer that I'm sure things will improve. You sound like you're in a pretty good place now (we all have a bit of envy in us lol) : )
  10. ROFL.... Bubbles, even when you are sick you are tooooo funny. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I had no idea you were on the other side of the world. And dang gone it, you didn't tell me about the MJ sale! LOL.... I'm glad to have you back here! I hope you feel better soon.

  11. Wow Macau, Hong Kong ???!!! I've never been to either of those places! Sweet. Now, excuse me for a sec while I go find my atlas of the world....

    Blech!... it sucks to be sick. I hope you feel better soon!
  12. Wow, thanks for sharing your trip experience! Sounds like a lot of fun!!
  13. Welcome back!!! Sounds amazing your trip. I have never been to Macau either but it is getting lots of media these days with all the construction going on there. They do say it's a different feel to Vegas, would you agree?

    I think you're very strong trying to make peace with the ex co workers, you know most people would not even bother to do that. It truly shows your strength of charachter I believe. Good on you!!!

    And don't worry about comparing yourself, I think we all do that, but just remember life is all about running your own race, not about racing against others. I try to remind myself of that.

    Get better you poor thing, and I hope when you do, you are renewed with vigour and ready for the successes that will come your way!!!
  14. HEY!!!! Glad you're back. Sounds likethe trip of a lifetime. Hope you feel better soon!
  15. welcome back bubblelicious!!!!!!!!!