bubbles bubbles bubbles.. pics inside

  1. I did my pre-private shopping night at holts and my pre-shopping for christmas gift today.

    I dropped by to see the bubbles ring and earrings that i had put on hold for me. the SA was so nice. they normally only hold items for 1 day but she extended it to 2 days for me because i couldn't make it till today. i also put my name down for the blue cruise speedy.

    so anyways, to make things short i got the bubbles inclusion ring and earrings. im still not sure about the ring but the earrings are soooooo cute.

    should i keep or return the ring?

    for all the vancouverites, hr lv has the red/pink cruise speedy, palermo pm and gm, grelots key rings, motard pochette, i dont remember what else. enjoy!



  2. Wow, they're so nice. Keep them they look very nice on you. Congratulations. How much were they?
  3. wow...the earrings are beautiful!
    I would only keep the ring if you are in LOOOOOVE with it. I am a bit iffy on it.

    congrats on your beautiful items!
  4. The earrings are so cute! I'm not sure about the ring; maybe you will fall in love with it over the weekend.
  5. wow, very nice! congrats!
  6. love it :tup: esp the earrings!!
    do they come in any other colors?:girlsigh:
  7. the ring was 240 cad, the earrings were 285 cad....
    its sad how a 3 hour drive can save me more money too.....
  8. Love the earrings, the ring is different but not too sure.
  9. Congrats! So cute
  10. omg! those are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!
  11. Those earrings are TDF! Very nice!!
  12. They're so cute! Please keep them. :yes:
  13. They are so cute. You should keep them.
  14. i think i would rather keep the ring than the earrings if you have to make a choice....the ring is more noticable IMO and you have pretty hands so i think it looks good...
  15. just talked to my SA in Hawaii. the ring is $210. and there is a long necklace which is $1030. it is too steep. i was thinking to get the necklace. but, now, nay....
    they only got one ring in so far which is size 50. she said it is showing in the system the bubble collection is supposed to come in different color, lavender or plum. anyway, only the clear bubble in store right now. Again, the grey and black inclusion are not in store yet which i think a bit of strange. ususally, the ala monoa store will have all the new items at the very first release.