1. I noticed this one also.
  2. Wow....drool.....
  3. Ok but if you read the auction closely there are stains on the bag on the corners and handles. I wish she had those up close in the auction.
  4. I have a bubblegum Twiggy that I never used. I am afraid that it will get dirty:nuts:
  5. pretty colour, and i'm not a "pinky" girl. but if you are a type of person who like sweet colour like this, it's a GO GO :p
    i heard the bubblegum leather is :drool:ing :yes:
  6. wow - sold already!! that was fast!
  7. WOW! who got that? a PFer?
  8. I'm sooo relieved that it wasn't a city, otherwise I would have diedx100000times with this private sale!!!
  9. Anyone knows where I can get a Balenciaga bag (any) in bubblegum pink? So adorable!! Really love the colour.
  10. Please pm me if you decide to give it away.....just kidding!!