Bubblegum Work

  1. Whoa that BIN is high. SP is good though. That bag is so pretty.
  2. That bag is so pretty, wish it was a city bag.
  3. oooh... love the bag's leather...
    i'm not a pinky girl though :P
  4. I was set to say that it would be way too much pink for me but I love it! The bag won't even sit up it's so squishy. :love: Out of control BIN though.
  5. Love the color but I agree the BIN is too high.
  6. The BIN is so high, it probably scares bidders off. I can't imagine what the reserve it, although the starting bid is good.
  7. I'm a pinky girl, but the price is woah???
  8. Ack ... you're all killing me; I can look at the auctions when I'm at work :cursing: !!!

    I remember the first time I saw the Bubblegum Pink ... I didn't like the fact that the color was uneven. In some spots, it looked like it was a darker Pink and in other areas, it almost looked White. All I could think of was "oh no; a Balenciaga Tie-Dye bag!"
  9. :drool: .. but woah alright for the BIN!!

    G'Luck interested ladies!
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