Bubblegum Twiggy $899 BIN!

  1. beautiful bag some one snatch this up before it's gone and at 600 SB I think its great!
  2. i got it! :biggrin:
  3. You got it Vixette? YES!!! Congrats! It's sooo cute! :yahoo:
  4. Congrats~ :love:
  5. yay me. i totally expected to get outbidded cos i put in a low bid. guess pink is meant to be mine after all the previous auction failures. :smile:

    can't wait to get it!
  6. Congrats!! :smile:
  7. Wow great price.
  8. urgh. i'm so annoyed. the seller had sent me the invoice and i paid up via paypal already.
    today she cancels the paypal request without explaining to me why.
  9. What????:sad: Why?????
  10. no clue. i've just emailed her and messaged her on ebay. waiting for her reply. and it better be a good one.