bubblegum pink!

  1. i am asking my very sweet bal gal pal, mimi, :love: to assist me in downloading 2 pix of me with my bubblegum pink work size now. thank you wonderful mimi! i will later add some pixs of my bubblegum pink weekender so you can see size difference. i know i am not in the majority, but bubblegum pink is my personal favorite bal color of all time. it is just like the bazooka bubble gum pink, same sweet, delicious color. :heart: :heart: :heart: :love:
  2. Can't wait to see the pics...I love this color too :love:
  3. I would love to see your fave, chaussure!
  4. cool! i've yet to see a bubble gum work! or weekender i think!
  5. chaussurewhore- YAY!!! :yahoo: I have the bubblegum pink too and I absolutely love it- so I am very excited to see your bags!!!:yes: :heart: It is so fun to use and I love the smooshy leather!!! Do all your BP bags have the same smooshy leather? Just curious b/c I read somewhere that 2005 leather was inconsistent.
  6. Shoe Harlot...

    Were you the winner of the Pink Weekender from Decades Two last month? Or has this been your baby forever?
  7. my bubblegum pink pinks are the best leather of my collection, absolutely the smooshy-est and with a nice sheen that looks slightly pearlized. very subtle. i gotta say my ice blue weekender is really up there with the leather quality too, although it is newer season. i have a pix of that too i will post in "sky blue and more" thread after mimi puts up my bubblegum pink pixs. i dont know how to shrink my pix :sad: but i am getting better with pix emailing... you guys will be able to to see the difference in sky blue v. ice blue. pix are pretty true to color.. i cant wait for you all to see bubblegum pink ! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. Bring it on!!!:love:
  9. wow, gals, i've never even heard of bubblegum pink, yum :love:
  10. You haven't? There was a First up on eBay a little while ago that I was in love with! :love: It's a pretty color
  11. Here they are!!!!!!!!!!! :graucho:
    16a5re2.jpg f2b5re2.jpg
  12. Love that work!!! OMG TDF!!!!!
  13. that's so effing awesome, i didn't know that the bubblegum was that light. YOU LOOK HOT
  14. So pretty!