Bubblegum Pink Twiggy SB $9.99!

  1. $9.99!! i wonder what the final bid will be like...pretty bag!
  2. Very pretty bag.:yes:
  3. It's at $600.00 something now... thank goodness i'm not into pink or else I'd be tempted at that price :p
  4. at $700 now....hope this one doesn't end up like the grey first bag that went over $2000:confused1: Wonder if the bidder actually completed the purchase!
  5. The more I look the more I like. I think I need to go for this one. I think I like Twiggy in BG better than City actually. :love:
  6. Totally! I think this color was made for the Twiggy!

    Ohhhh, me like! Me like! It's so feminine and girly! And in AWESOME condition!
  7. Oh it's so pretty!!!!!
  8. this bag has disappeared! :sad: where did it go?
  9. ^^^^^^^:confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  10. Call eBay, they will tell you. I had a bid on it so I got an email that my bid was cancelled. I called them and asked. If you are persist, ask for a supervisor sometimes you get lucky and they will tell you. If you are a power seller also try that number. You have to do it in the daytime between certain hours. Do any of you think that bag was fake? I sure don't. It was listed for days, then poof. Gone. :graucho:
  11. ^^So you called them Powder ??? What did they say ??:confused1:
    e bay irritates me too much to call them.:hysteric: They are idiots (as we know form experience:s )
  12. O no not again :cursing:
  13. I would rather not say because certain people get all bent out of shape. Call them, be persitant, they will tell you why and what it takes for that to happen. Be persistent, if they try to beat around the bush ask for a supervisor. :yes: Tell them you had a bid, I actually did have a bid, got an email from them it was cancelled, so I called them.:p
  14. :confused1: :confused1: Aren't we supposed to be honest here in tPF about authentic bags etc ... ???:confused1: :confused1: