Bubblegum Pink Styles w/Giant Silver HW at Neiman Marcus?

  1. What styles have you seen in Bubblegum Pink with Giant Silver Hardware at Neiman Marcus? I'm really interested in either:

    BG Pink Part Time w/GSH

    BG Pink Day w/GSH

    Please let me know if you have seen either of those (or anything else, just out of curiousity). Someone posted they had seen BG Pink w/GSH City...maybe that's all that Neiman's ordered in that color/hw combo.
  2. fiat, i saw a bg pt in ggh and a rh day at nm newport.
  3. THank you lola! No BG Pink w/Giant silver? I'm starting to think they didn't order it... Also, I haven't seen Vert Thym at Neiman's yet. I did see Sky Blue though...it's just not different enough from the recent blues to interest me...
  4. NM Tysons had BG Pink City with Gold HW and Magenta City with Silver. No BG Pink with Silver that I saw-only gold
  5. Nordstroms Arden Fair has the city. Ask for Barbara