bubblegum pink purse

  1. hi,

    I wanted to know if the purse style came in this color when they made it? i believe someone said that purse styles were only made during certain seasons... so i'm not sure if I'm being realistic in my search for a bubblegum pink purse...

    also, does anyone have a pic to share? thanks!!
  2. :nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... yes..that's exactly what i was talking about..lol I love bubblegum pink, and love your collection!!!! It's such a gorgeous color... except i don't see the purse? But you got it all covered girl!!
  3. I don't believe they did? I think S/S 2005 was the season that the purses were discontinued... although don't quote me on that, because I could be wrong. :smile:
  4. I thought the same as you Mimi, because I had asked if they made a Taupe Purse. The answer was no, reason being no Purse style in s/s '05. It would be nice, though.
  5. What does this mean for HandbagAddict4Ever's bag?
  6. Beaux, Handbag's bags look to me like the city and first -- very pretty! :smile:
  7. ^^Oh okay - phew!!!
  8. :crybaby:awwww... shucks...

    thanks for all the info mimz and everyone else!!!
  9. [​IMG]drsm, here is a pix of my bubblegum pink work size in case you havent seen this size in pink before!:love:
  10. :P Oops, my total mistake girls, I read the question as Bubblegum pink purse as in the coin purse! Sorry for the confusion!:rolleyes: I wish they had made the purse though!!