Bubblegum Pink Hobo Relisted....What's Up?

  1. Have you emailed the seller through ebay and asked what's going on?
  2. maybe non paying bidder?
  3. ^That's what I would have guessed. You should definitely contact the seller, but do it quick...this might go fast!
  4. ok, something seems weird to me, maybe it's just late and it's me.

    BUT, i looked at the winners feedback and there are 7 feedbacks from the seller of the bag. so WHY would the buyer back out now on this one? i don't know why, but something just doesn't seem right with this. plus it's weird how the seller didn't reply to a few PF'ers with their questions about the bag....mmmmm.... :confused1:
  5. I dunno - I don't see any red flags, really. She's got 100% positive feedback, the pics look great. The only problem with her story is the year ... and I suspect she's not answering those questions because she is not very informed about b-bags and doesn't think 2005 vs 2006 is a big deal. She probably doesn't really know how to answer other than to repeat what she already said in the listing.

    Is it really that out of the realm of possibility that Barney's BH could have had a leftover bubblegum pink hobo 6-8 months ago (assuming that is what she means by "a few months")? How about a year ago? I can see that she might have forgotten it was that long ago ... I can think of plenty examples of that in my own life. ;)

    Anyway, if I really wanted this bag, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it! But if I didn't really want it and was just buying it for a good deal ... I would not get it ... because I would rather save that money for a bag I really want.

    Just my 2cents ... probably TMI. :shame:
  6. Uh ... wait a minute. I just realized what you said about the winner of the original auction having 7 feedbacks from the seller of this bag. Okay, that's probably a MAJOR red flag ... hmm. :wtf:

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    ok, now I'm really embarrassed ... :shame:
  7. lol...please, don't be embarrased.. i probably was confusing in my wording anyway! ;)
    i am the queen of reeeeally looking deep into ebay feedback of bags and other $$$ things from sellers! i do this when i am looking to buy a bag off ebay.
    when i saw original winners feedback red flags went off for me! something seems fishy right?! :wtf: :shrugs:
  8. I didn't notice before but it smells like shill bidding that didn't go anywhere.:confused1:
  9. Hey ladies!

    I really fancy this but somehow this deal seems too good to be true! I don't get it! I'm getting a weird vibe from this though... do you think I should go for it? It looks authentic though.
  10. i would just contact the seller and ask why the second chance offer and go from there, but i agree it could be a spot of shilling, the bag looks good so i would probably go for it if i were you
  11. the seller emailed me back and said that the hb tried to bargain since he/she bought several items from the seller before. the seller refused so the deal didn't go through.

    i would totally jump on this if i hadn't bought my rouge vif city :love: :sad: yea.. i'm doing this "one-bbag-a-year" thing.. :wtf: :crybaby:

    goodluck to whomever is bidding on the bag. i really hope a PFer get it. it's absolutely beautiful. i love the pink :drool:
  12. I need help desperately! I've decided to get this bag but this offer is only for those who have been offered a second chance and I'm unfortunately not one of them! Deana darling where art thou? -PANIC ATTACK-
  13. ^^^^ email the seller. i didn't get the second chance offer but when i emailed her, she said she would be more than happy to carry through the transaction with me if i was still interested. email her and let her know that you're definitely set!! maybe ask for her paypal account and check your email religiously? goodluck :flowers:
  14. I emailed her so many times that she probably thinks I'm psychotic. :roflmfao: I honestly don't know what else to do because she's not responding and I'll be terribly upset if this gets snatched away right in front of me. :hysteric: