Bubblegum Pink Day at any Neiman Marcus recently?

  1. Has anyone seen any pink Day bags at any Neiman Marcus stores very recently? I have a store credit to NM and that's what I decided I'd like to put the credit towards! I'm sure one store must have it, but I don't want to call each and every store....Thanks for any info!!:smile:
  2. NM Tyson's Virgina had one last week.:yes:
  3. i know they newport beach one had one last saturday.
  4. san francisco had one a few days ago
  5. yes i saw it there too...btw which bag is in your avatar? looks like a celeb shot too? =)
  6. Thanks so much!
  7. There was one at NM in Lenox Mall, Atlanta, GA. It was there last Sunday.....the leather was smooshie and luscious, not veiny or thin.
  8. I just bought the last one (BG Day) at NM San Francisco but there is a lovely Red one. They just got in the Electric Blue and have Magenta as well.
  9. She is a Korean actress carrying the GGH Black Work. :yes:The one i just bought recently.:drool:
  10. Luvhandbags------I ordered it from Atlanta just now! Thanks...I picked Atlanta because you said how nice the leather was...The SA told me the same thing. I'm very excited!:yahoo: