bubblegum pink city on ebay!

  1. YUM YUM! :love: great price for a city too!
  2. mmmhhhhhhhhh yummy yummy .... such an AMAZING color - I LOVE it :tender::heart: !! Good luck everyone :yahoo:
  3. ohhh I am tempted!!! I'm afriad of how big the city will look on me though.....
  4. :sneaky: I was naughty and bought this delicious BBag!! I can' wait to get her.... :yahoo: Plus I have a lilac first on it's way to me...I guess it's raining Bbags for me this month!! I just hope I can resist the Apple green hobo which has just been listed..:angel:

  5. Yay! Congrats your new bag...it's such a cute color! Post pictures when you get this beauty home!Once more Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  6. :heart: Thanks! Will definitely post pics when she arrives! I love this colour so much!:heart:
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